Sign the Petition Telling Wisconsin Lawmakers to Pass Stand-Your-Ground Law!

Self-defense is a human right! 

With Stand-Your-Ground protections already in place for gun owners in thirty-six states, it is far past time for Wisconsin to sign this legislation into law!

Stand-Your-Ground law is based on the fundamental idea that you shouldn’t have to retreat from a violent attacker if you’re attacked in a place you have a lawful right to be.

In addition to repealing Wisconsin’s “duty to retreat” law, it would also provide for immunity from anti-gun prosecutors or civil suits if a gun owner was forced to defend themself from violent attack, as well as codifying the “threatened use of force” to deescalate violent situations. 

Now it’s time for our lawmakers do their job and make Wisconsin a Stand-Your-Ground state! The vast majority of politicians in Wisconsin campaign as being 100% pro-gun at election time when they need the support of gun owners, but then don’t do anything once their butts hit the chairs in Madison. Enough is enough! 

Please sign your petition in support of Stand-Your-Ground law TODAY so your lawmakers know that you expect them to pass this bill immediately or face the consequences at the ballot box!