Ben Dorr

Help STOP Radical Red Flag Gun Seizures in Wisconsin!

“State Patrol!” “Open the door now!” Imagine being woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of a SWAT team stacked outside your front door, ready to burst inside your home as they carry out a ‘high risk’ court order to seize your firearms! Before you know it, your entire gun collection has been confiscated, and you are told that if you want your firearms back you

WI Attorney General DEMANDS Radical Gun Control!

They wasted no time. Yesterday morning I was at the capitol in Madison watching the inauguration speeches as Tony Evers was sworn in as the next Governor of Wisconsin and Josh Kaul was sworn in as the new Attorney General. And, the news is not good at all. Not a moment was wasted by radical anti-gun Attorney General Josh Kaul who, during his inauguration speech, brazenly DEMANDED passage of the entire laundry list

Gun Rights Battle Starts Tomorrow in Madison!

It all starts tomorrow! The 2019 legislative session starts tomorrow, and our fight to STOP Tony Evers’ attacks on the Second Amendment will be running full steam. We all know that gun control does nothing to reduce crime or save innocent lives. All it does it make it harder or sometimes impossible for law abiding gun owners to have the tools they need to defend themselves and their loved ones.

Little Marco Introduces Red Flag Gun Seizure Bill!

Moments after the U.S. Senate gaveled in on Thursday, Florida Republican Senator Little Marco Rubio introduced Senate Bill 7 — ‘Red Flag Gun Confiscations‘. This is the fight we’ve been warning about for months, and now it’s finally here. In a nutshell, Red Flags would allow for government confiscation of your firearms without due process. If someone you know simply calls you in to the Sheriff’s office and says you’re

Red Flag Gun Seizures!

The 2019 legislative session will be here before you know it, and you and I have to be ready to FIGHT to stop ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure Orders’ from becoming law in Wisconsin. Lawmakers in state after state have been pre-filing this legislation in their efforts to ram this legislation into law before grassroots gun owners like you and I can fight back! In Missouri, for example, Senator Jill Schupp

ELECTION RESULTS: Bloomberg Ready to Carve Up Wisconsin

The results could hardly be worse. By now you’ve heard that Tuesday night, a massive “Blue Wave” hit Wisconsin and the races quickly began to fall. Top of the list to fall was Scott Walker who was edged out at the last moment by radical, anti-gun militant Tony Evers who will now be our Governor for the next 4 years. And with many members of our Republican majority in the

Our Backs are Against the Wall

We’re only days away from the November 6 elections and frankly, it’s “do-or-die” time. Our direct mail, mass email, online ads, radio ads and door-knocking programs are running full tilt but we need your help to keep them going. The fact is, our backs are against the wall. Radical anti-gun groups, funded by New York BILLIONAIRES who have nothing in common with our Wisconsin way of life, are funding a

Bloomberg on the Warpath in Wisconsin!

Michael Bloomberg is on the warpath in Wisconsin. As the keynote speaker at a gun control event hosted a while ago, Bloomberg railed against your rights, bragging about “landing punches” and that your Second Amendment rights are “on the ropes”. He concluded by saying “we’re getting stronger and stronger”. Bloomberg has chosen the Wisconsin elections as target number ONE because he’s hopeful that the governor’s race and state Senate will

30 Days Left - Help Us Hold The Line!

The November 6 elections are only 30 days away and I need your help. Recent poll numbers show radical anti-gunners in Wisconsin SURGING forward coming into November! We’ve been worried about this all along. With former President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder’s “Organizing For America” teaming up with Billionaire Bloomberg and dumping huge money to steal our Wisconsin elections, we need all hands on deck. It’s clear they’re

Where Will You Stand In November?

Left-wing anti-gun sharks all over the country smell political blood in the water here in Wisconsin. Now, even former President Barack Obama’s “Organizing for Action” — an organization which evolved from his campaign operation — has made flipping control of the Wisconsin State Senate one of its top priorities for 2018! If they succeed, they’ll immediately go on an anti-gun rampage including ramming through everything from so-called “Universal Background Checks”