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The Electoral College has just certified the results of the November elections. And with the Supreme Court declining challenges in Texas and Wisconsin, it appears very likely that Joe Biden will be President next year.

Many people have asked us if we believe this election was stolen or if there are just that many socialists in America who would willingly vote to surrender their freedom to Joe Biden and the crazy radicals that surround him.

As far as I’m concerned, either scenario is very dangerous where our gun rights are concerned.

If the vote was legitimate — and our schools are producing anti-gun socialists so fast that long time ‘red’ states like Georgia, Arizona, and others went ‘blue’ last month — then it’s only a matter of time before our gun rights are under a full scale attack at the state level here in Wisconsin.

If the vote was stolen, then it’s clear that Joe Biden and his team will stop at nothing as they try to disarm tens of millions of proud gun owners like you and me, with the most aggressive gun control agenda that America has ever seen.

Either way, our gun rights are about to be under attack from the most corrupt President in modern history, a President who wants to use all of his power to turn America into the next China (where his family does business,) where only the government has guns.

So, if we are going to preserve our Second Amendment freedoms for our kids and our grandkids, we need to stand together like never before over the next four years!

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While we expect over a dozen serious attacks on our gun rights in Congress next year (each with Joe Biden’s full support,) the highest priority for the radical left will be passage of Michael Bloomberg’s ‘Universal Background Checks.’

This legislation passed the House last year (H.R. 8,) but died in the Senate once President Trump announced that he would veto the bill if it made it to his desk.

President Trump was right to promise to veto this legislation, as it would create a nationwide database of every gun owner in America by requiring that every firearm transfer in the country go through a government background check first.

This means it would be a criminal offense for you to sell or even give a firearm to someone unless you first obtain government permission!

Did you get that?

It would be a FELONY OFFENSE for you to give firearms to anyone — even your own children and grandchildren — without first begging permission from the government, under the proposals that are being filed here in Congress!

And even though these background checks have been utterly discredited as a means of stopping violent killers, this legislation already has the support of HUNDREDS of members of Congress.

The reason is simple: before Joe Biden and the radical left can ever try to confiscate our guns, they first must know where they are. That’s the sole purpose of this legislation, to give them a list of every gun owner in America!

But while passing a national registry of gun owners is their top priority, a very close second is banning the AR-15 and hundreds of similar firearms, along with all magazines that hold over 10 rounds of ammunition.

The AR-15 is the most popular rifle in America, with an estimated 20 million of them in circulation, and it is particularly popular with women due to its light weight and the endless custom add-ons that it can support.

Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi know all of that, but they are determined to confiscate them because the AR-15 has become THE SYMBOL of American defiance against tyranny — just like the musket was in the 1700’s!

If they get their way, buying an AR-15 would be a felony offense that could earn you ten years in a federal penitentiary.

These are just two of the major threats to your gun rights that we will be keep you informed on next year, and it’s two of the reasons why I hope you will renew your membership for 2021 today!

But after gun owners CRUSHED Bloomberg’s candidates here in Wisconsin last month, it’s vital that gun owners do everything we can to insist that the legislature pass Stand-Your-Ground law in Wisconsin!

While Wisconsin does have Castle Doctrine law, which allows you to defend yourself in your home, car, and business — these protections DO NOT APPLY if you are out in public.

So if a violent criminal attacks you when you are walking to your car in the grocery store parking lot, you are required to retreat before you can defend yourself.

If a group of thugs is trying to kidnap and assault your wife or adult daughter, she is expected to retreat before she could defend herself.

If a gunman begins shooting up your place of worship on Sunday morning, you are expected to retreat before you can defend yourself!

If you think this sounds insane, that’s because it is!

Gun owners in thirty-six other states across the country enjoy the protections of Stand-Your-Ground law, but here in Wisconsin, we are left to the whims of anti-gun prosecutors.

But bogus criminal charges are not the only thing that Stand-Your-Ground law would protect gun owners from.

You see, as the law is written now, if you are forced to defend yourself against a violent criminal, you are totally exposed to a devastating civil lawsuit, too!

In most states, if you are found innocent of all criminal charges (or never charged) you are automatically immune from civil charges.

Afterall, it’s a small comfort to survive a criminal attack, only to spend the next three years going through a civil court battle where even if you win, you’ll spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Wisconsin was one of the last states in the nation to get rid of our waiting period on buying handguns.

Wisconsin was one of the last states in the nation to pass Shall Issue legislation.

And with thirty-six states having already passed Stand-Your-Ground law, it’s clear that our ‘pro-gun majorities’ in Madison aren’t going to pass this legislation without being pushed!

That’s why we will be using direct mail, mass emails, targeted social media and more to mobilize gun owners here in Wisconsin next year, to make the legislature do their job!

But we need your help to put this plan into action.

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For Wisconsin,

Ben Dorr
Political Director
Wisconsin Firearms Coalition

P.S. The fight for the Second Amendment kicks off in just weeks in Madison and in Congress — and with the gun grabbers fired up like never before, I need all hands on deck now!

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