Report: Taliban Tracking American Sympathizers Using Gun Registration!

When Joe Biden ordered the U.S. Military to flee Afghanistan in 2021, it happened so fast that we left an estimated $85 billion worth of military hardware behind.

From tanks, to helicopters, to machine guns, Joe Biden gave the Taliban the biggest arsenal in history. But it wasn’t just hardware.

We also left computers.

Now, a report from the U.S. Inspector General’s Office makes it clear that the Taliban are using those computers — and the firearms registry found in them — to hunt down Afghans who aided the U.S. Military!

Our military was issuing firearms to members of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces who assisted us, putting their names into a massive gun registry.

That gun registry is now the Taliban’s hunting list. And they are torturing, beating, and executing people found on it!

I can’t say I am surprised. Every time the government (any government) builds a registry of gun owners, it’s used to disarm and them brutalize the civilian population.

That’s why it’s vital that we crush Joe Biden’s attempt to register gun owners here in America (H.R. 715), to make sure gun owners are never hunted down here by our own government!

H.R. 715 would ban the private sale of firearms in America, requiring every transaction to run through the FBI’s NICS database, building a database of every gun owner in America!

But it’s not just the Radical Left pushing this bill.

In fact, H.R. 715 was sponsored by Brian Fitzpatrick, a backstabbing Republican from Pennsylvania, who already has over 180 cosponsors on the bill!

(PA’s Brian Fitzpatrick, lead sponsor of H.R. 715, legislation that would register every single gun owner in America.)

Obviously the fight to stop gun control and keep America free is no longer a Republican v Democrat issue: it’s about those who love freedom v our own tyrannical government!

Fitzpatrick’s legislation is exactly what you’d expect from a tyrannical government that ultimately wants to disarm the entire citizen population. That’s why it:

>>> Makes it a felony to buy/sell any firearm without effectively registering that firearm with the federal government by submitting to an FBI background check.      

>>> Builds a national database of gun owners, laying the foundation for an eventual gun confiscation program down the road whenever the Left has the votes.

>>> Does absolutely nothing to stop armed criminals who will simply bypass this bogus law and continue to rob, rape, and murder law abiding citizens.   

Clearly H.R. 715 has nothing to do with stopping criminals. Almost every mass murderer of the last decade passed a background check or bypassed it by stealing a gun! 

H.R. 715’s ONLY PURPOSE is to register you and me.

And in the wake of a mass shooting somewhere, this bill could be on the House Floor in a matter of days, especially since it was filed by a RINO Republican!

The only way to stop this is for gun owners to GET LOUD and flood Congress with calls, emails, and petitions demanding that they VOTE NO on any form of national gun registry!

I would hope that Wisconsin’s Congressional Republicans would vote no on this legislation.

But after RINO turncoats like Dave Joyce and Mike Turner voted for Biden’s gun control agenda last year, we can’t take anything for granted.

So after you sign your petition, please make an immediate donation so Wisconsin Firearms Coalition can get the word out about this bill using our texting programs, digital ads, direct mail, and more.

Please do what you can.

If the Biden White House — or ANY White House — is able to ban private party sales and create a national registry of gun owners, that only ends in disaster!

Countless Afghans are experiencing that horror right now.

Our children and grandchildren are counting on you and me to make sure that this never happens here!

Stand with us today!

For Wisconsin,

Ben Dorr
Political Director
Wisconsin Firearms Coalition