Vote Coming on Red Flag Gun Seizures in Congress!

Multiple sources are confirming that the House will be voting on H.R. 2377 – ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation — this coming week and that a growing number of Republicans will support it!

Here’s what we know:

The House will be coming into session Tuesday, late in the afternoon and voting will begin at approximately 6:30pm. The House will adjourn for the week early Thursday afternoon.

So while the exact timing of this vote isn’t clear yet, it will happen sometime between Tuesday evening and Thursday afternoon.

This means that gun owners need to spend the next two to four days hammering on Congress, especially the House, demanding that they VOTE NO on H.R. 2377!


If Congress passes this legislation, millions of gun owners will be forcibly disarmed by liberal judges before they’ve ever been charged, let alone convicted, of a crime.

It’s the end of our due process rights! It’s the end of the idea that we’re innocent until proven guilty! It’s the end of the 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendment! And it’s just the beginning!

Once ANY VERSION of Red Flags is enacted, the left will immediately move to expand them. They’ve already stated that.

So please sign your OFFICIAL PETITION telling your Congressman to VOTE NO on H.R. 2377 and then make a generous donation to help us shut down this tyrannical garbage!

We’ll have more information coming fast once the exact date and time of this vote are clear.

For Wisconsin,

Ben Dorr
Political Director
Wisconsin Firearms Coalition

P.S. Nancy Pelosi is expected to hold a vote on ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation sometime between 6:30pm this coming Tuesday and mid-afternoon this Thursday!

Please help us hammer on Congress between now and then, demanding that they oppose this legislation, by signing your petition immediately.


Then donate, right away, so we have the resources we need to help fight back against this terrible legislation!