State Legislation

Constitutional Carry Assigned to Committee!

The fight for Constitutional Carry is underway here in Madison and anti-gun front-groups, funded by Michael Bloomberg’s billions, are on the attack! Constitutional Carry has now been given an official bill number in the Assembly and will be called Assembly Bill 247 (AB-247). It has been assigned to the State Affairs Committee. Now that the bill has been given a number and assigned to committee, anti-gun groups are ramping up

Did You Hear What Senator Olsen Said About Constitutional Carry?

As the pressure mounts in Madison over the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition’s Constitutional Carry bill, cosponsors are rolling in. But not every ‘pro-gun’ legislator is willing to fight for your gun rights. Some talk about being pro-gun on the campaign trail — but refuse to stand up for the Second Amendment once safely in office. One such legislator is State Senator Luther Olsen, who has come out blasting Constitutional Carry, telling

Has Your Legislator Co-Sponsored Constitutional Carry?

Time is quickly running out for your legislators to co-sponsors Constitutional Carry before the April 4th deadline! We don’t want your Senator and Representative to be left in the dust on this important issue — as co-sponsors continue to pile up, it is time for them to take a stand FOR your gun rights! We need you to increase the pressure on them to be a co-sponsor — and we’ll

Constitutional Carry Filed in Wisconsin!

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, and the moment the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition has been preparing for! Constitutional Carry has been filed in both the Wisconsin Assembly and the Wisconsin Senate. More, the bill already has an impressive 44 co-sponsors and we hope to keep increasing that number! But the fight has just begun. Already, the notoriously anti-gun groups in Wisconsin, such as the Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort, are

It's time to go on Offense!

The tide has shifted politically in our country and in Wisconsin! On November 8th, Donald Trump became President of the United States and pro-gun voters such as yourself, took the elections by storm. Hillary Clinton and other gun grabbing politicians bet the farm on a gun control agenda and lost. Even here in Wisconsin pro-gun legislators have a massive majority. In fact, they have one of the largest pro-gun majorities

New Hampshire Joins Constitutional Carry Ranks!

Constitutional Carry is on the move nationwide, and another state has joined the ranks! We want to congratulate the State of New Hampshire which is about to become the 12th Constitutional Carry state! The New Hampshire Governor will be receiving the bill soon and has already said that he will sign it into law. Constitutional Carry is sweeping the nation. 11 states already had Constitutional Carry when the year began,

What is Constitutional Carry?

“I keep hearing about Constitutional Carry – exactly what is it, and how does it restore our Second Amendment Rights?” We get questions like that literally every day from folks, whether they just signed up for our emails, just bought their first firearm or whether they just followed us on our Facebook page. That’s why I thought I’d take a moment here to explain what Constitutional Carry is and why

2nd Week of Session is Over...

The second week of the 2017 Wisconsin Legislative Session is in the books. As you know, the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition’s main push this year is Constitutional Carry. We are going to need a lot of help to do that — more on that below. As a reminder, Constitutional Carry simply means that if you are legally allowed to own and purchase a firearm, you can carry that firearm, without permission

Support Constitutional Carry Law for Wisconsin!

Have any of you ever wondered why Wisconsin is always so far behind in the gun rights battle? When the rest of the nation got rid of “may issue” for concealed carry permits, Wisconsin persisted. “May Issue” means that law enforcement determined whether or not you could carry. It wasn’t until 2011 that Wisconsin finally made permits “Shall Issue,” which means unless you are a criminal, you get your permit