Red Flag Gun Confiscations Introduced in Madison!

I have an URGENT ALERT for gun owners in Wisconsin!

Please read the email below for all the details and TAKE ACTION to save our Second Amendment.

The 2023 legislative session is only half over, and radical Leftists Assemblywoman Deb Andraca just introduced ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure Orders’ in the Wisconsin General Assembly as A.B. 350!

Her bill already has an astounding 28 co-sponsors in the Assembly alone.

The Leftist media, Governor Evers, the Democrats and many RINOs are desperate to ram this gun control into law when they return shortly from their Summer break.

And here’s the dirty little secret why both parties want this law…

Last year Joe Biden signed a bill granting $750,000,000 of tax money as a bribe to states that pass Red Flag laws!

Imagine being a politician and going back to your district to say “I got us millions of dollars for our local pet project!” all because you voted for gun control.

This means that legislators on BOTH sides of the aisle have a financial interest in making sure Wisconsin passes a Red Flag law!

We need every gun owner in this state to STAND and FIGHT with the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition!

That’s why I hope you’ll take a moment to sign the petition that I’ve prepared for you, demanding that Wisconsin lawmakers kill this bill before it gets rammed through!

More on that below.


If enacted, ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure Orders’ would allow virtually anyone to make a claim that you are a danger to yourself or someone else and ask a judge to order you stripped of your firearms.

The amount of room for abuse in this process should have every gun owner in Wisconsin alarmed.

Consider the following:

  • These gun seizure orders will be issued before you have been convicted, or even charged, with anything!

    A gun owner with absolutely no criminal background of any kind can have his firearms seized before he ever sets foot in a courtroom. You would have more due process rights in traffic court than you would in defending your constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

  • The hearing that determines whether or not to strip you of your firearms happen in secret!

    Known as ex-parte proceedings, these hearings take place in your absence. You will have no ability to question your accuser, provide your own evidence, or testify in your own defense.
    In fact, the first time you will be made aware of this is when law enforcement officers come to your home to seize your firearms.

  • The mere fact that you recently purchased a firearm or any ammunition constitutes evidence that can be used against you!

    In many Red Flags bills, under the list of ‘evidence’ that the court can consider in deciding to disarm you is the ‘recent acquisition of a firearm, ammunition, or other weapons.’
    So just buying a firearm or a box of .22’s could be enough for a judge to order you stripped of your firearms.

Every gun owner in the state knows someone who has gone through a bad divorce; maybe you’ve gone through that misery yourself.

Can you imagine what an angry ex-spouse could do to you if Wisconsin enacts this legislation?

How about a neighbor who doesn’t like your Trump bumper sticker?

The risk to gun owners is ENDLESS!

If you agree, help us stop them by signing your petition against these ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure Orders’ IMMEDIATELY!

That’s why my goal is to generate a MOUNTAIN of petitions in opposition to Assembly Bill 350 before the legislature has a chance to start pushing it through the process!

But I need your help!

First, please sign the petition that we’ve prepared and submit it back to us right away. This will make sure that your legislators know where you stand on this important issue.

Second, please agree to your most generous contribution so that we can get the word out to as many gun owners as possible about this and get them involved!

Your generosity will help us crank up the heat now, in these critical early weeks.

Whether that’s $5 or $500, we need all the help we can get to shut down A.B. 350 that the politicians are pushing in Madison!

Thank you for all your help and I’ll keep you updated on the bill! 

For Wisconsin,

Ben Dorr
Political Director
Wisconsin Firearms Coalition