Big Tech is Trying to Censor Your Gun Rights!

Everyone knows that Silicon Valley tech companies are enemies of the Second Amendment and that they absolutely hate proud gun owners like you and me.

More than likely, if you have Facebook, you’ve probably been locked up in ‘Facebook Jail’ for posting a pro-gun meme or for sharing a political story on your Facebook page that offended a ‘woke’ leftist who flagged your post as ‘hateful’ or ‘inciting violence.’

Self-defense stories are blocked from view just because.

Meanwhile, Antifa thugs can beat on helpless seniors, MURDER cops, burn buildings to the ground, and march on our State Capitol — and the Facebook monitors don’t say a thing!

At first it was simply an annoyance and a reminder that Big Tech companies are nothing more than a front-group for the Democratic National Committee.

But these days, it’s gotten much more serious than that.

I just hung up from a conference call with gun rights leaders from all across the country and learned that Facebook is unpublishing some pro-gun group’s Facebook pages without warning — desperately trying to crush our 1st Amendment rights.

None of these groups publish ‘hateful’ material.

None of these groups have ever been warned by Facebook.

None of these groups are doing anything wrong according to Facebook’s own terms of service.

This is very simple: Big Tech is doing everything they can to SILENCE gun rights organizations from being able to expose radical gun-grabbers just two months before the election!

The Wisconsin Firearms Coalition has used our massive Facebook platform to expose dozens of these socialist gun-grabbers at election time, to great effect, for years now.

But now I’m concerned that if Mark Zuckerberg continues his radical war against conservatives and gun rights supporters, they may try to remove our Facebook page altogether before November.

And that’s why I’m writing you today.

The Wisconsin Firearms Coalition needs to get prepared to radically adjust our program to expose gun grabbers here in Wisconsin in the event that the Big Tech Commies come for us.

We would have to run our whole program through direct mail, slicks, and radio/TV ads. These programs are devastatingly effective but come at a significantly higher cost.

So please make an immediately donation, to ensure that we have the resources we need to expose gun-grabbersby clicking here or below

There are so many races where the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition hopes to expose the records of anti-gun politicians at the state and federal level. 

We need to make sure that every gun owner in these districts knows the truth, and we need your help to do it, especially if Zuckerberg tries to interfere. 

So please make an immediate donation to help us prepare!

Our country is on fire — literally.

Violent protests are the new norm in big cities all over America. Police are under attack by politicians who are trying to shift the blame. Business owners are closing their doors, too afraid to open them as Antifa thugs burn down store after store.

Everyone who cares about freedom needs to stand and fight, now.

Here at WIFC, we’ve never flinched from these fights. In fact, we love contending for freedom!

And that’s why Big Tech wants to destroy us and many other gun rights organizations across the country. They NEED to shut us up before the elections, so we can’t expose gun-grabbers!

If we lose our ability to communicate through social media, we are going to have to scale up our other programs.

It’s that simple — and that expensive.

So please make a generous donation TODAY

But for any raging leftists reading this email in your mother’s basement while cheering on Silicon Valley Big Tech companies, hoping that WIFC will be unable to fight for gun rights, think again.

The Wisconsin Firearms Coalition is RENOWN for running the most brutal direct mail campaigns, lit drop campaigns and even TV and radio ads in our state!

Simply put: we’ve been beating gun-grabbers with political 2×4’s in Wisconsin long before Facebook was around, and we’ll be beating them… well… forever!

We aren’t going anywhere.

Please make sure we have the resources we need to scale up our operation, by making a generous donation of $250, $100, $75, $50 or even just $25 TODAY!


For Wisconsin,

Ben Dorr
Political Director
Wisconsin Firearms Coalition


P.S. Less than two months before the November elections, Mark Zuckerberg and his Big Tech buddies are cracking down on Conservatives and gun rights organizations nationwide, hoping to protect their anti-gun, socialist friends!

In some cases, they are unpublishing these pages altogether.

Should that happen to the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition, we’ll need to immediately shift our 2020 election program to more direct mail as well as radio and TV ads!

But that’s going to cost more, a lot more, and that’s why I hope you’ll make an immediate donation of $250, $100, $75, $50 or even just $25 so the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition can expose gun grabbers this fall!

Don’t let Facebook shut us down — make your donation TODAY!