THIS is How We Stop the Pistol Brace Ban!

The Communist Left’s war on American gun owners and our Right to Keep and Bear Arms is accelerating at warp speed.

Joe Biden’s lawless ATF is being weaponized against you and me, and this time it looks like they will succeed at making millions of Americans felons without even passing a law.

This is not the first time.

Since the 1930s, the federal government has been taking away our gun rights piece by piece with little to no resistance.

First it was banning full-autos. Then it was requiring licenses, fees, and full-on registration of short-barreled rifles and suppressors. Then it was background checks and adding people to the NCIC centralized ‘prohibited persons’ database.

Then they banned bump stocks, then mandated hunks of aluminum be registered… and now it is pistol braces.

If you are noticing a trend here, it is not accidental.

DANGEROUS: In response to Joe Biden’s Executive Order outlawing pistol braces, the ATF announced their ‘final order’ and have declared these accessories subject to the NFA Act!

What this means is that, unless you destroy the pistol brace, destroy the firearm, relinquish the firearm to the ATF or register your legally purchased firearm with the ATF (much like a sex-offender registers their home address) as a short-barreled rifle by May 31st, you could be charged with a felony.

And to be clear, there was no legislation proposed, there were no committee hearings, and Congress never voted on it.

That’s why I hope that you will read this short email and sign your “Pass SAPA NOW!” petition.

SAPA law is the law Wisconsin needs to stop the lawless ATF from forcing state and local Wisconsin law enforcement agencies from enforcing unconstitutional federal gun-control laws, orders or “rulings from the ATF!

You see, there’s a fatal flaw to unconstitutional gun-control laws, Biden’s executive orders and the ATF’s arbitrary rulings:

Biden and the ATF/FBI simply do not have the manpower to enforce their own laws, orders and “rulings.”

Because of our Founding Fathers’ brilliance in creating a system of government where the individual states and federal government are co-equal in power, federal government has ALWAYS relied on state and local cops to enforce their laws at the state level.

From the beginning, the Founders delegated police powers to the states (NOT Federal government) because they knew first-hand how dangerous a centralized government can become.

That’s why SAPA is so powerful. It asserts our rights under the 10th Amendment and tells the Feds that Wisconsin is a sovereign state, and that our cops are not theirs to command.

And without the free use of Wisconsin law enforcement, Joe Biden’s corrupt administration can excrete all the tyrannical orders and rulings they want, but it won’t matter.

They will go unenforced here in Wisconsin.

No, SAPA isn’t anti-cop. On the contrary, cops love SAPA because it protects them from having to choose between enforcing unconstitutional mandates or getting fired.

No, SAPA is not a constitutional violation. SAPA doesn’t limit what the federal government can do, it just says we won’t help them do it.

No, SAPA won’t lead to higher crime rates in Wisconsin. Our cops can still arrest criminals, and county attorneys can still prosecute them. They would simply use Wisconsin law to do it.

No, SAPA won’t have a problem in the Supreme Court. The idea of the states being free to tell the feds to pound sand has been upheld in at least five SCOTUS cases, going back to 1842 in Prigg vs. Pennsylvania!

No, SAPA doesn’t mean law enforcement can’t get help from the federal government. Fingerprint analysis, database searches, ballistic analysis — SAPA allows for all of that to continue.

And here’s the best part.

After the 2022 elections, the WIGOP is sitting just TWO votes short of a complete VETO-PROOF majority in Madison, meaning if just two Assembly Democrats don’t show up for the vote, we can PASS SAPA INTO LAW WITHOUT NEEDING TONY EVERS’ SIGNATURE!!!!!!

This is FABULOUS news for gun owners, but we don’t have time to waste. And this fight can’t wait for years, the threat is before us right now.

That’s why I hope you’ll sign your petition saying “Pass SAPA NOW”, but when you do, I hope that you’ll consider a generous donation to give us the tools we need to get this bill passed!

Here is the battle plan that Wisconsin Firearms Coalition will execute if we get the resources required:

>>> A statewide radio program; highlighting the ATF felony deadline, the necessity of passing the Second Amendment Preservation Act, and urging gun owners to FLOOD Madison with phone calls demanding its passage.

Radio ads at this magnitude generate a mountain of phone calls and send a message to the politicians in Madison that gun owners demand action!

>>> A digital and internet ad blitz; which allow grassroots gun owners to share our ad campaigns on their own platforms, giving us extra bang for our buck.

WIFC’s ads hit harder than anyone else’s in Wisconsin, which we demonstrate every two years at election time.

>>> A massively scaled up email and direct mail programnothing penetrates Big Tech’s censorship more thoroughly than our direct mail and email programs. In fact, our mail and email programs are more critical than ever in this digital age.

Our goal is to use mail and email to active and mobilize 70,000 additional gun owners who may not hear our radio ads or see our digital ads, to make sure they can put pressure on Madison, too.

Every single part of this program is designed to do one thing: flood the Wisconsin General Assembly with grassroots pressure demanding passage on SAPA law!

But we’re not going to be to be able to implement this full program and block the ATF in Wisconsin without your assistance.

That’s why I hope that when you return your signed petition, you’ll also include a very generous donation!

Of course, I know that not everyone can do that, but I hope you know that any gift — from $100, $50 or even just $25 — will be very helpful as we gear up for this fight.

I know I am asking a lot, but every single one of our gun rights are on the line.

And if the ATF can write gun-control “rules” on the fly without Congress ever passing a law, the Wisconsin SAPA law will be the only thing standing between us and total tyranny! 

The good news is that if you and I can crank up the heat, our success will secure the Second Amendment freedoms for the generations that follow us.

Stand with us and FIGHT BACK!

So please immediately sign your petition and consider a generous donation of $250, $100, $75, $50, or $25 so the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition can FIGHT FOR YOU!

For Wisconsin,

Ben Dorr
Political Director
Wisconsin Firearms Coalition