ALERT! Tony Evers Calls for Special Session on GUN CONTROL!

We have a gun control emergency on our hands and I need your help.

Please read the entirety of this email and when you’re done, TAKE ACTION to defend our gun rights!

Here’s what’s going on:

Yesterday morning, anti-gun Governor Tony Evers signed an executive order demanding a SPECIAL SESSION on November 7th for the sole purpose of passing his radical gun control agenda.

This demand comes on the heels of the shootings that took place in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH.

The radical left, totally ignoring the real reason violence like this happens in our country, are always happy to spit in the face of victims in order to advance an agenda that will not save lives, but will instead be used to annihilate our fundamental right to keep and bear arms.

The two bills he’s demanding are:

***   ‘Universal Background Checks.’

This was the TOP agenda item for the gun control crowd last session, and we all know why. While claiming this bill would stop criminals, the truth about this bill is far more sinister.

That’s because this bill is nothing more than a thinly veiled STATEWIDE GUN REGISTRY, as the only way you could ever enforce a universal background check would be to run every gun owner’s name through a central database!

And if a gun owner gave a firearm to his favorite nephew, for example, he would be a FELON FOR LIFE under the bill that is being pushed in Madison!


This legislation would allow anyone, from an embittered ex-spouse to a crazy liberal aunt in Southern California, to call in a bogus complaint against you, claiming that ‘you are dangerous.’

Once a judge has the complaint, he can issue a firearms seizure order via an ‘ex-parte’ hearing that you know nothing about and would not be allowed to attend.

To be clear, your firearms would be confiscated by government agents before you have been arrested, indicted or convicted of anything! No due process!

In an interview recently, Evers said that he would hold as many special sessions as he needs in order to force legislative leadership to agree to a deal on gun-control.

“Deals” only go one way and it’s a total destruction of our gun rights!

That’s why I need you to do 2 things, IMMEDIATELY!

First: click on the link below and send your PRE-WRITTEN email to your Senator and Representative telling him/her HELL NO to ANY gun control during the upcoming special session!

To send your pre-written message, click here or on the image below!

It’s absolutely vital that your lawmakers hear from you immediately, so please don’t skip sending your message!

The link in the message above will work for anybody who has a Wisconsin address, so when you’re done, please send that link to every pro-gun family member or friend you know and ask them to do the same.

Second: please sign your petition right away to help STOP Michael Bloomberg and Tony Evers from GUTTING YOUR GUN RIGHTS!

We’re staring down the barrel of a gun control disaster right now and we simply MUST take action to defend our freedoms or watch them get wiped away in an anti-gun avalanche!

So after you’ve taken action above, please consider an EMERGENCY contribution to help us STOP Tony Evers’ gun control push.

We’re gearing up for a major battle against Tony Evers and his anti-gun friends in Madison and we’re pressed to the hilt at WIFC, working around the clock.

But we can’t do it alone and the costs are adding up very quickly.

So please do what you can right NOW to help us gear up for the Nov 7 special session so we can stop this gun control push right here in Madison.

For Wisconsin,

Benjamin Dorr
Political Director
Wisconsin Firearms Coalition

P.S. Governor Evers signed an executive order calling for a special session on Nov 7th for the sole purpose of passing radical gun control into law here in Wisconsin!

Please read the email above and take action using the information provided to stop this gun control freight train!

When you’re done, please consider making an EMERGENCY contribution to help us stop this assault on our freedoms.

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