Announcing Wisconsin Firearms Coalition

In 2016, Constitutional Carry legislation passed into law in Missouri, West Virginia, Idaho, and Mississippi.

In 2015, Maine and Kansas did the same thing — joining Alaska, Vermont, Arkansas, Wyoming, and Arizona who had already enacted this legislation.

Over the past couple of years, state level gun rights organizations have seen tremendous success at advancing the Second Amendment, yet, Wisconsin remains far behind.

We don’t have Constitutional Carry, which means that while gun owners in almost 25% of the nation don’t have to pay expensive fees or have their name added to a government database just to carry a firearm for self-defense, we do.

Wisconsin doesn’t even have Stand-Your-Ground legislation.

Sure, we have Castle Doctrine which covers self-defense shootings that take place in our homes, businesses, and vehicles. But if you’re forced to defend yourself in the grocery store parking lot, or while walking out of church, or anyplace else in public, it’s a whole different story.

While we have a large number of pro-gun legislators in Madison, we constantly lag behind when it comes to advancing pro-gun legislation. Too many candidates profess to support the Second Amendment, but then do very little once safely elected into office.

The Wisconsin Firearms Coalition was formed in 2016 to be the grassroots gun owners’ voice in Madison to push for Constitutional Carry and other substantive pro-gun legislation. It won’t be enough any longer to talk the talk, the politicians are going to have to walk the walk.

Now is the time to advance the Second Amendment here in Wisconsin! We have the largest number of professed pro-gun legislators in a long time and a pro-gun Governor. 2017 can be our year.

If you want to be a part of an organization that will fight for gun owners — not a particular political party — please join us!

If you want to join as a member, please click the “Join” tab at the top of our website.

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Feel free to get your friends involved, too. It’s time the legislators in Madison get serious about passing Constitutional Carry, Stand-Your-Ground law, and more. We won’t rest until they do!

Please stand with us!

For Freedom,


Jason Storms