Are Republicans Caving On The 2nd Amendment?

Republican politicians are starting to cave to gun grabbers.

It was only a matter of time before the pressure to “do something” got to them.

Our insiders tell us gun grabbers are now making a hard push for “Universal Background Checks” and Republicans may be considering their proposal — we’ll tell you how to help stop them in just a second.

No matter the shooting, and no matter the location, gun grabbers from Diane Feinstein to Nancy Pelosi immediately call for stricter gun laws.

Within seconds of a mass shooting, their calls for gun control spread through fake news media across the country.

The Florida tragedy is no different.

But this time they are using students to perpetuate their propaganda lines, and encouraging students to protest against your gun rights.

Fear. Anger. Confusion.

Emotion is the greatest tool our enemies have, and they are using it at an alarming rate.

Facts don’t matter to Michael Bloomberg and his cronies from Moms Demand Action.

And now, according to recent reports, it appears that Republicans are beginning to cave to this fearmongering and are setting aside logic that has kept infringements at bay.

Even President Trump has signaled a willingness to expand background checks, ban “rate increasing devices” and raise the age limit to purchase a rifle to 21.

Senator Marco Rubio also expressed a willingness to cave to gun grabbers at a recent CNN townhall in which he said he would support raising the age limit to buy a rifle to 21.

And there are many other Republicans who are beginning to cave, such as Senator Flake and Congressman Gowdy.

What we must do is stand against these infringements, no matter who proposes them or what party they belong to.

We can no longer rely on Republican “promises” to defend the 2nd Amendment.

You must presume that many of them are just as willing to cave on your gun rights as the Democrats are.

After all, they have failed to act on National Reciprocity and the Suppressor Bill that have been languishing on the desks of Senator Mitch McConnel and Speaker Paul Ryan, respectively.

And right here in Madison, they have failed to move on Constitutional Carry since September of 2017.

Is this the best representation that gun owners can get?

Rather than moving on pro-gun measures, we are beating back anti-2nd Amendment proposals from both sides.

The reality is, none of the proposals from Bloomberg and his minions will stop these violent acts, and you can be sure that the proposals they have are just the beginning.

Just what do gun grabbers want, which they claim will solve or reduce gun violence?

Current proposals before Congress include, but are not limited to:

“Banning Assault Weapons.”
“Banning High-capacity Magazines.”
“Nationwide Universal Background Checks.”
“Raise the age limit for rifle purchases to 21.”

Even in Wisconsin we have state level proposals for useless “common sense” gun legislation:

>>> A statewide so-called “Assault Weapons” ban (S.B. 350).

This draconian legislation has 7 cosigners and its aim is to outlaw any semi-automatic rifle, shotgun or pistol with a detachable magazine and any other “scary” feature.

That could include something as simple as a thumbhole stock or muzzle brake, which are common on many modern hunting rifles.

Not only that, but this bill would effectively cover all AR-style rifles, tactical shotguns, and any semi-automatic pistols with magazines holding more than seven rounds.

>>> So-called “Universal Background Checks” (S.B. 34).

This radical anti-gun attack currently has 27 combined cosigners and is nothing more than code for STATEWIDE GUN REGISTRATION. There’s no way such a scheme can be enforced without tracking every gun and gun owner in the state!

And as you and I both know, registration is just the first step toward outright CONFISCATION.

>>> A so-called “Bump Stock” Ban(H.B. 616).

Perhaps one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation, because this bill could potentially ban semi-automatic firearms.

The legislation currently contains over 40 cosponsors between the Assembly and Senate.

The truth is, gun grabbers will settle for nothing less than full confiscation of your firearms, and a complete repeal of the 2nd Amendment.

That’s why we can’t rest.

Our activism is the only thing stopping gun grabbers from running over our 2nd Amendment rights.

We must be the brick wall that stops them.

With members of the Wisconsin Legislature rejuvenating their push for “Universal Background Checks” in the wake of the Florida shooting — we need you to act right away!

We must leave no doubt that despite Republicans controlling both chambers in Madison, we will not relent to gun grabbers, and they must not do it either.

How can you help?

First, sign the petition to stop S.B. 34, “Universal Background Checks” by signing the petition today!

Then, be sure to follow our efforts to stop gun control in Madison by “Liking” our Facebook Page right away!

Finally, our gun rights are under perhaps no greater jeopardy than they are right now, and we need more gun owners involved.

Please consider a generous donation of $100, $50, or $25 today to help us mobilize gun owners from all over Wisconsin!

With weak-kneed politicians from both parties coming after your gun rights, it’s time to stand our ground!

Act now before it’s too late!

For Freedom,

Greg Pruett
Political Director
Wisconsin Firearms Coalition

P.S. With Republican lawmakers caving across the country, and giving gun grabbers some hope of gun control, we need your activism now more than ever.

Bloomberg and his minions from Moms Demand Action have launched an all out assault on your gun rights.

They aren’t going to stop until they have repealed the 2nd Amendment.

That starts right here in Wisconsin with their “Universal Background Checks,” which is nothing more than statewide gun registration.

Sign the petition today to oppose this measure (S.B. 34) and send a message loud and clear that we won’t accept any more infringements.

Finally, please chip in $100, $50, or $25 today to help us mobilize gun owners against this atrocious piece of legislation!