Are Republicans In Madison Caving?

Time is running out for Republicans in Madison to move Constitutional Carry to the next step!

The question is, are they going to cave to gun grabbers, or are they going to uphold their promises to defend the 2nd Amendment?

That question will be answered in the next couple days.

But we can’t leave it up to chance!

We need you to act right away and help push Constitutional Carry forward, and we’ll tell you how in just a moment.

Wisconsin is one of the few states remaining this year that is moving on this crucial issue.

Unfortunately, that means Michael Bloomberg is looking squarely at us with his gun-grabbing crosshairs!

He can focus on Wisconsin and pour in millions of dollars to try and win the fight to stop Senate Bill 169, and he most certainly has the resources to spend at will.

We know that gun grabbers are doing everything they can to get victories.

First they used the Las Vegas tragedy to push their sick and twisted gun control agenda.

Their hope was to get their foot in the door to ban semi-automatic weapons, accessories, and other firearms.

Gun owners responded to the attack on their 2nd Amendment rights by flooding state capitols and Congress with a demand to uphold the Constitution.

As that battle continues to rage on, we now have an additional mass shooting that has just taken place in Sutherland, Texas.

A killer walked into a church where people were worshipping God.

He killed at least 26 people and injured dozens more.

Within minutes of that attack gun grabbers were once again renewing their calls to infringe on your gun rights.

They mocked and scorned gun owners and people who prayed for the victims.

What they aren’t talking about is the hero (Stephen Willeford) who likely saved many more lives when he shot and wounded the Texas killer with his AR-15!


(Stephen Willeford – Texas hero who shot a killer who had just slaughtered Christians worshipping God.)

The media and the gun grabbers aren’t going to talk about the good guy with a gun, who ultimately put an end to this murderer’s life.

You will only hear crickets if you are waiting to hear the gun control crowd praise the brave men who tracked the killer down as he was bleeding out from the good guy who shot him.

And now gun owners will be defending the Constitution in the wake of the Texas tragedy as well.

You see, they don’t really care about you.

They don’t care about your rights, or your life.

They want CONTROL over it.

Gun grabbers don’t want you to carry a gun around to defend your loved ones.

They believe the police should be the only ones to have firearms, despite the fact that the left is constantly belittling our men and women in blue.

It’s not about “common sense” with these people. It’s about control.

Constitutional Carry gives the control of self-defense back to the people, and the gun grabbers despise that.

Constitutional Carry gives you, the potential victim, the right to carry a firearm to defend yourself and your loved ones.

Senate Bill 169 will remove infringements that have existed for decades.

No more government permission.

No more bureaucratic red tape.

No more adding your name to a government database.

YOU are in control and YOU decide when you are prepared to defend your life.

We have come a long way in the battle for Constitutional Carry.

We have had several victories this session already, but we aren’t to the finish line yet.

The Senate must vote on the bill in order to move it over to the Assembly.

And we only have 3 days to make that happen before the long winter break.

That’s why the gun grabbers from WAVE (Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort) met at the Capitol last week.


(Gun grabbers unite against the 2nd Amendment.)

They know how crucial these next 3 days are.

The fact is, Republicans have full control over the Senate and Assembly.

They have the power to move this bill forward, and they must, with the massive pro-gun majorities they have been handed by gun owners.

But they aren’t going to do it without pressure from gun owners.

That’s why we need your immediate help!

First, make sure to contact Senator Scott Fitzgerald. He is the one that has the ultimate power to schedule Senate Bill 169 for a vote.

Senator Scott Fitzgerald: 608-266-5660
[email protected]

Your message to him is simple: “Please schedule Senate Bill 169 for an immediate vote on the Senate Floor!”

Then, make sure to share this message with your family and friends so they can contact him as well.

It’s time to flood his phone line, email, and Facebook with a firm message from gun owners that we expect him to uphold the oath he took to defend the 2nd Amendment.

Finally, make sure you are following us on Facebook!

We get out emails as quickly as we can, but Facebook is often a quicker way for you to receive important alerts while emails are being drafted.

No matter what you do today, we need you to contact Senator Fitzgerald right away and demand that Senate Bill 169 be given a hearing.

The time to act is right now!

For Freedom,

Greg Pruett
Political Director
Wisconsin Firearms Coalition

P.S. With only 3 days until the winter break, it is crucial that Constitutional Carry be given a vote on the Senate floor!

But Michael Bloomberg and his gun grabbing cronies are doing everything they can to stop that from happening.

That’s why we need you to contact Senator Scott Fitzgerald right away and tell him to schedule Senate Bill 169 for a full vote on the Senate floor.

His contact info is above.

Act now!