Constitutional Carry Assigned to Committee!

The fight for Constitutional Carry is underway here in Madison and anti-gun front-groups, funded by Michael Bloomberg’s billions, are on the attack!

Constitutional Carry has now been given an official bill number in the Assembly and will be called Assembly Bill 247 (AB-247).

It has been assigned to the State Affairs Committee.

Now that the bill has been given a number and assigned to committee, anti-gun groups are ramping up the pressure hoping to deny this bill a public hearing.

That’s why I need you to contact the members of the State Affairs Committee — more on that in just a minute!

You see, Constitutional Carry is spreading across the country like wild fire.

New Hampshire and North Dakota have already passed Constitutional Carry this year – with another 15 states currently debating the issue.

Bloomberg, despite all his millions, continues to lose this fight, and that’s why he’s hedging his bets right here in Wisconsin, hoping to stall this bill’s nationwide momentum!

And he’s been successful for a while — as Constitutional Carry was voted down here in 2011.

But as gun owners in other states keep making advancements in their fight for the Second Amendment, Wisconsinites are getting fed up with being left behind!

And thanks to your calls and emails, we’ve received an impressive 45 cosponsors on this legislation between both chambers of the assembly.

All of this pressure is mounting in Madison, which is why gun control groups are working overtime to stall us in the committee process!

That’s why it’s urgent you contact the members of the State Affairs Committee right away, to insist that they move AB-247 through their committee right away!

Please contact:

>>> Rep. Swearingen (Chair), 608-266-7141
[email protected]

>>> Rep. Tauchen (Vice-Chair), 608-266-3097
[email protected]

>>> Rep. Jagler, 608-266-9650
[email protected]

>>> Rep. Jacque, 608-266-9870
[email protected]

>>> Rep. Knodl, 608-266-3796
[email protected]

>>> Rep. Kleefisch, 608-266-8551
[email protected]

>>> Rep. Gannon, 608-264-8486
[email protected]

>>> Rep. Summerfield, 608-266-1194
[email protected]

>>> Rep. Kulp, 608-267-0280
[email protected]

>>> Rep. Vorpagel, 608-266-8530
[email protected]

>>> Rep. Zamarripa, 608-267-7669
[email protected]

>>> Rep. Sinicki, 608-266-8588
[email protected]

>>> Rep. Ohnstad, 608-266-0455
[email protected]

>>> Rep. Hesselbein, 608-266-5340
[email protected]

>>> Rep. Doyle, 608-282-3694
[email protected]

Your message is simple: move Constitutional Carry through the State Affairs Committee right away, with no weakening amendments!

And in case you’re new to this email list and the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition, don’t forget how simple Constitutional Carry is.

This bill simply says that if you want to obtain a permit to carry a defensive firearm you could do so, but it would be optional.

No more putting your name in a government database.

No more paying a fee to exercise a constitutionally guaranteed right.

No more jumping through government hoops to defend your family!

And don’t believe the hype out of Madison or on so many anti-gun media outlets who are predicting blood in the streets or vigilante justice when we pass this bill.

They said the same thing when we legalized “Shall Issue.”

I’m here to tell you, they were wrong then and they are wrong now!

But that’s not stopping anti-gun groups from doing all they can to stall this bill in the State Affairs Committee.

We can’t let the anti-gunners have the upper hand in this battle –- and that’s why I need you to contact the committee immediately!

When you’re done, please forward this email and make sure your friends and family are contacting the committee as well.

And finally, please consider a donation to the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition, as we’re working around the clock to pour calls and emails into the legislature from gun owners like you!

Whether you can donate $100 to $250 as some gun owners already have done, or whether $10 to $20 is more appropriate for you — please do what you can right away!

Whatever you do, please contact the committee right away, that’s most important!

For Freedom,

Greg Pruett
Political Director
Wisconsin Firearms Coalition

P.S. Constitutional Carry has been designated Assembly Bill 247 and has been assigned to the Committee on State Affairs!

But pressure is mounting on the committee to kill this bill without so much as a hearing!

That’s why I hope you’ll contact the Committee on State Affairs right away using the information listed above.

Tell them you want them to pass Assembly Bill 247 as is — with no weakening amendments!

When you’re through, please share this message with your pro-gun friends and family so they can get involved!

And if you can, please consider a donation of any amount to help the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition spread the word about this fight to as many gun owners as possible!