Constitutional Carry Hearing Next Week!

Did you hear the great news?

For months gun owners have been anticipating the day when Constitutional Carry would finally get a hearing in Wisconsin.

I am happy to announce that next week we finally get the hearing we have been asking for!

On Wednesday, May 31st at 9:30 a.m., Senate Bill 169 will have a public hearing in Senate Hearing Room 411 South and we need you there!

We need your help — more on that in a minute.

As many of you know, Constitutional Carry is a hot topic all over the country.

From its passage in New Hampshire and North Dakota, to its ongoing debate in Wisconsin, Alabama, and South Carolina — no issue is getting more attention, when it comes to our Second Amendment freedoms, than this issue.

What is Constitutional Carry exactly?

The concept is simple — if you are legally allowed to own a firearm, you can carry that firearm without the mandatory permit from the government.

No more putting your name in a government database.

No more paying taxes for a Constitutional right.

No more begging for permission to exercise your right of self-defense.

If you still want to get a permit for reciprocity reasons, you can.

But the media and anti-gun groups are out spreading lies about Constitutional Carry, and doing everything they can to demonize gun owners.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is fully mobilized in Wisconsin.

He has teamed up with the Wisconsin Coalition for Gun Safety to stop Constitutional Carry once and for all in Wisconsin.

That won’t happen if we have anything to say about it!

Constitutional Carry is too important to let some outside billionaire like Michael Bloomberg come in and squash our efforts.

Thankfully, we have seen his attempts fail time and again.

Last year we watched as he tried to kill Constitutional Carry in four states: Mississippi, Idaho, West Virginia, and Missouri.

As Bloomberg ramped up efforts to take down gun rights in those states, he saw an even greater effort by gun owners to counter his anti-gun agenda.

Gun owners don’t take lightly to anti-gun politicians and billionaires trampling their gun rights.

It was the grassroots gun owners in Wisconsin who defeated the anti-gun agenda in 2011 when we got rid of “May Issue.”

It was the grassroots gun owners who defeated the anti-gun agenda in 2015 when Wisconsin got rid of the 48-Hour waiting period to buy a handgun.

We have stopped Bloomberg before and we can do it again!

Wisconsin’s gun owners are the best in the country.

Let’s show Bloomberg once more how we feel about his efforts to kill our gun rights in Wisconsin.

With just one week to go before this historical hearing, we need you to act immediately!

Our insiders report that Senator Lena Taylor, who is on the committee that will hear Constitutional Carry, is working hard to kill the bill or introduce bad amendments before it gets a hearing.

And leadership in the Senate and Assembly may be buying into it.

So, act now before it’s too late!

>>> First, and most importantly, contact the members of the Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee right away!

Your message to them is simple: “Please pass Senate Bill 169, Constitutional Carry, without any weakening amendments.”

Sen. Wanggaard (Chair), 608-266-1832
[email protected]

Sen. Testin (Vice-Chair), 608-266-3123
[email protected]v

Sen. Stroebel, 608-266-7513
[email protected]

Sen. Risser, 608-266-1627
[email protected]

Sen. Taylor, 608-266-5810
[email protected]

>>> Second, forward this email to your family and friends right away and tell them to contact the committee members as well.

>>> Finally, “Like” our Facebook Page right away!

At times like this, Facebook usually has quicker updates than email and you don’t want to miss last minute, crucial information.

We are only one week away from a monumental public hearing on Constitutional Carry, and as Bloomberg and the anti-gunners mobilize, we must as well.

Your efforts today, right now, could be the game changer that keeps this hearing on schedule and the bill from getting tanked by Bloomberg!

For Freedom,

Greg Pruett
Political Director
Wisconsin Firearms Coalition

P.S. In just one week Wisconsin will finally get a long anticipated public hearing on Constitutional Carry.

This is the moment we have been working for all year.

The hearing will be held on Wednesday, May 31st, 2017 at 9:30 a.m. in Senate Hearing Room 411 South and we need you there!

We need you to act right away — as Bloomberg and his anti-gun friends, like Senator Lena Taylor, are working hard to kill the bill.

Please contact the Judiciary and Public Safety Committee members right away and tell them to pass Constitutional Carry, Senate Bill 169, with no weakening amendments.

Their contact information is listed above.

Then please forward this email to all your family and friends so they can help in this effort.

Thank you!