Gun Control Battle In Madison Tomorrow?

“It’s going to be wild.”

That was what an insider described to me about the gun grabbers’ plans to push gun control tomorrow on the Senate floor in Madison, on the last day of session.

We must ensure that pro-gun members of the Senate stand firm against any attempt at gun control — more on that in a second.

This is a very dangerous time for freedom.

Not only are both parties beginning to cave on some forms of gun control, but gun grabbers feel that they have the momentum going into the 2018 elections.

After getting absolutely obliterated at the polls in 2016, Bloomberg and his cronies are desperate for victory.

They have spent the last year and a half mobilizing their forces to fight back against pro-gun majorities in Congress, and in state legislatures across the country.

They have introduced nearly every gun control measure in Congress in an effort to damage pro-gun candidates in the 2018 mid-terms.

From the “Assault Weapons Ban,” to raising the age limit to 21 to buy a gun, gun control advocates are giving everything they have to this fight.

And if we aren’t careful, they’ll get their way.

Too many gun owners were lulled to sleep politically after President Trump was elected.

Many gun owners assumed we would be going on offense for the 2nd Amendment, but quite the opposite has proven true.

Gun control is a very real possibility right now, and even here in Wisconsin we are facing what is likely to be a last-ditch effort for gun control in the Senate.

Anti-2nd Amendment legislators have been trying all year to get something through Madison, and onto Governor Walker’s desk.

Check out this partial list of current proposals:

>>> “Universal Background Checks”
>>> “48-Hour Waiting Period”
>>> Taxing Firearm Manufacturers
>>> “Bump Stock Ban”
>>> Proof of Insurance for Gun Owners
>>> “Assault Weapons” Ban
>>> No Carry On Public Transportation

On March 20th, when the Senate holds their final floor session, we anticipate fireworks on the Senate floor as gun grabbing politicians attempt to appease their base on gun control.

You might be thinking, “We are a pro-gun state, so what do we have to worry about?”

Just ask the citizens of Florida!

Several weeks ago Florida sent a massive gun control bill to their Governor, Rick Scott, which he signed.

Florida is a state gun grabbers didn’t think they had a chance to pass gun control in, and now the Republican controlled state has passed gun control.

Can it happen here? Absolutely!

If we aren’t actively engaged in the political process, then our elected officials won’t fear the loss of their jobs.

You see, politicians often run their campaigns on promises they don’t intend to keep, and once they are safely in office they give up any intention to protect freedom.

It’s our job to hold them to those promises.

We need you to contact the Senate today before tomorrow’s battle when we expect gun grabbers to go all out for gun control.

First, you can use the prewritten email below to send the entire Senate a message to oppose all forms of gun control and to vote for Constitutional Carry!

Oppose All Gun Control. Vote For Constitutional Carry!”

Second,become a member of the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition today!

By becoming a member, even at the Bronze Level ($35,) you are dedicating yourself to this cause for less than 10 cents a day!

Finally, make sure to forward this email to all your family and friends in Wisconsin immediately, before the Senate floor gun control battle.

The 2nd Amendment is under attack both nationally and right here in Wisconsin, and it is our job to tell our elected officials we won’t stand for it any longer.

Don’t waste another moment!

For Freedom,

Greg Pruett
Political Director
Wisconsin Firearms Coalition

P.S. With gun grabbers from both parties across the country doing everything they can to push gun control, we have new information about a push in Madison to do the same.

Tomorrow is the final floor date in the Senate, and gun grabbers are going to make one final push for gun control.

We need you to contact the entire Senate and let them know you want them to oppose all forms of gun control and instead vote for Constitutional Carry.

Second, we need you to stand with us by joining the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition, even at the Bronze Level which costs less than 10 cents a day!

Finally, forward this email to your family and friends and let’s get people mobilized in this fight before we become the next Florida.