Gun Control Fight Starts in Two Days!

With the U.S. Senate scheduled to resume session in just two days, gun owners need to be ready to fight with everything they have!

After the recent shooting in El Paso, TX (which occurred in a ‘Gun Free Zone’) and Dayton, OH shooting (which occurred after the shooter passed a background check) gun grabbers are hoping they can ram their agenda into law.

This has NOTHING to do with guns, and EVERYTHING to do with radical leftists trying to make America into the next socialist disaster like Venezuela — where politicians have all of the power and control!

But for them to do that, they first need to disarm law-abiding Wisconsin citizens like you, just like every other country in world history has done before turning on it’s citizens.

But make no mistake, if gun control passes into law this year, it will be at the hands of Republicans in the U.S. Senate and a Republican in the White House.

Gun owners stood side by side and fought President Obama’s savage attack on our Second Amendment freedom, a fight that we decisively won!

But our children and grandchildren are counting on us to do the same thing now, even though this threat is coming from ‘pro-gun Republicans.’

In many ways, this is just like the fight we face in Madison every year, as almost every lawmaker claims to be pro-gun during election season — only to stab us in the back once safely in office.

Make no mistake, the fight for our Second Amendment freedom is not Republican versus Democrat near as much as it is slick insiders versus grassroots patriots!

That’s why I hope you’ll take action right away by contacting Senators Baldwin and Johnson and demanding that they stand up and fight for gun owners by opposing the entire gun control agenda in D.C.

You can take action by:

>>> Sending this PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL to them immediately!

>>> Cutting and pasting the message below and sending it to them on Facebook.

You can reach Senator Baldwin’s page here and Senator Johnson’s page here.

>>> Calling both Senators and letting them know that you are 100% against all forms of gun control, that you expect them to vote pro-gun, and that you will be watching their actions very closely when Congress resumes their work in September.

You can reach Senator Baldwin’s office at 202-224-5653.

You can reach Senator Johnson’s office at 202-224-5323.

This fight kicks off in two days, so please take action immediately.

For Wisconsin,

Ben Dorr
Political Director
Wisconsin Firearms Coalition




As your constituent, I am writing to insist that you VOTE NO on any gun control bills that come before you during the fall session.

Disarming law-abiding citizens won’t do anything to stop violent crime, as no amount of gun control will be able to stop a committed killer who ignores the law anyway.

The bills before you are terrible policy for every law abiding American.

Red Flag Gun Seizure laws obliterate the concept of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and force a gun owner to defend himself AFTER his firearms have been confiscated and after his Second Amendment rights have been suspended.

And this all happens before he’s ever been convicted of a crime!

Universal Background Checks are nothing more than a guise for a national gun owner registry, as it would make felons out of anyone who sells or gives a firearm to someone without first receiving government permission.

And with virtually every mass shooter of the last ten years buying his firearms after first going through one of these checks, it’s obvious that they are useless at stopping crime.

Similarly, any effort to ban the AR-15 would do nothing to stop violent criminals who would ignore such a ban and find these firearms someplace else.

At the same time, law abiding citizens would be denied the use of the best firearms available for use in defense against criminals and tyrants!

The bills before you are also terrible for the country, politically, as well, as passing any of them only heightens the call for gun control from the far left.

You can’t please gun grabbers; they will always oppose you.

The question is, will you also anger pro-gun Wisconsin citizens like me, by supporting radical gun control?

To me the choice is clear. Vote NO on all forms of gun control, regardless of who is sponsoring the legislation!