Gun Control Legislation About to be Filed in Madison!

In June of 2015, New Jersey native Carol Browne was murdered by her violent ex, in a jealous rage.

Sure, Carol did all the normal things including obtaining a restraining order.

But she knew that restraining order was just a piece of paper — and so she tried to get a permit to buy a handgun in New Jersey as a last ditch means of self-defense.

Of course, since New Jersey is so hostile to gun owners and makes it so difficult to obtain permits, Carol was still waiting for her permit approval when she was violently murdered.

This is what happens every time the government enacts gun control legislation that only serves the interest of criminals in the first place.

And I’m afraid that’s exactly what Representative Chris Taylor is trying to do here in Wisconsin, and why I hope you’ll sign our petition opposing her. More on that below.

You see, insiders report to us that Representative Taylor is about to file legislation that would re-institute the mandatory waiting period on buying defensive handguns here in Wisconsin!

As was the case with Carol Browne, these mandatory waiting periods do nothing to stop violent crime.

In fact, these waiting periods only encourage crime — as violent criminals know that all too often their would-be victims are still waiting on paper work to be able to buy a defensive handgun.

This is the exact failed ideology that the legislature did away with just 2 short years ago.

Rep. Taylor and her cronies in the Capitol never stop trying to attack our 2nd Amendment freedoms!

Rep. Taylor is refusing to show copies of this legislation to anybody in Madison. She is reportedly working behind the scenes to accrue co-sponsors to her bill before it is filed.

So, while we don’t yet have all the specifics, we do know the bill would do the following things:

>>> Mandate a minimum 48-Hour Waiting Period before law  abiding Wisconsin citizens could buy defensive handguns.

>>> Create a defacto database of gun owners in the state who are seeking permits.

>>> Create more victims here in Wisconsin, who are potentially unable to defend themselves as they wait for an arbitrary number of hours to elapse before they can buy a defensive handgun.

Insiders report that the bill could get much much worse before it gets unveiled here in Madison!

So please, sign the petition telling your legislator to oppose Rep. Taylor’s bill right away!

Your signed petition tells Rep. Taylor and her cronies that Wisconsin gun owners are mobilized and will not stand for any infringements on our right to keep and bear arms!

Rep. Taylor’s bill has a small chance of passage, but that’s not what’s going on here in Madison. Rep. Taylor and her pals are trying to figure out exactly how alert gun owners in Wisconsin are.

They are constantly testing the wire, trying to see what they can get away with — and to see when you and I will push back!

If this kind of a bill can be filed here in Madison without an outcry from grassroots gun owners, Rep. Taylor can use this in her caucus as a way to accrue even more supporters!

She is counting on gun owners having “gone to sleep” after the sensational results of the November 8 elections.

Help us send a message that gun owners here in Wisconsin are as mobilized as ever, and will oppose any attack on our gun rights!

I don’t know about you, but every time some elitist politician in Madison tries to tell me how I can or cannot defend my family, my blood begins to boil!

With legislatures all across the country moving to expand gun rights for their citizens — by passing Constitutional Carry and Stand Your Ground law — Rep. Taylor’s attempts to go in the opposite direction represents a massive step back for gun owners here in Wisconsin!

That’s why your signed petition is so important.

Letting Taylor and her pals know we will oppose any attempts to crack down on our gun rights is the best way for you and I to hold the line here in Madison.

So please sign your petition immediately, and make sure your friends and family do too!

When you’re done, I hope you’ll also consider a donation to the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition.

We are working to mobilize as many gun owners as possible using direct mail, email, and targeted social media, to oppose this legislation and to prepare for the fight on Constitutional Carry.

Your donation of $100, $50, $25, or even just $10 will help us get the word out!

Of course, no donation is required to sign your petition — so make sure to sign that right away!

Rep. Taylor is betting on her ability to work in secret here in Madison — hoping that word of her schemes would never get out until it is too late — but with the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition working here on the ground in Madison, that will never happen!

So please, stand with us in opposition to this bill by signing your petition (hyperlink 3 words) and include any donation that you can right away!

For Freedom,

Greg Pruett
Political Director
Wisconsin Firearms Coalition

P.S. As the fight for Constitutional Carry is about to heat up here in Wisconsin, a new threat to our gun rights is emerging!

Insiders report to WIFC staff that Representative Chris Taylor is about to file legislation to re-introduce the mandatory 48-Hour Waiting Period here in Wisconsin!

Of course, this bill will do nothing to stop violent crime, in fact it will only embolden criminals as they know they’ll have less of a chance of encountering an armed “victim!”

That’s why I hope you’ll take a minute to sign our petition, telling your legislators to oppose Rep. Taylor’s bill at every step along the way!

When you are done, please consider a generous contribution of $100, $50, $25, or even just $10 to help the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition mobilize as many gun owners as possible to oppose this legislation!