Help STOP Radical Red Flag Gun Seizures in Wisconsin!

“State Patrol!” “Open the door now!”

Imagine being woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of a SWAT team stacked outside your front door, ready to burst inside your home as they carry out a ‘high risk’ court order to seize your firearms!

Before you know it, your entire gun collection has been confiscated, and you are told that if you want your firearms back you will need to retain a lawyer and go before a judge sometime in the next 3 to 12 months!

Just like that, without ever being charged or convicted of ANYTHING, you have lost your right to keep and bear arms, possibly forever.

This is the reality of ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation, a law that is already in effect in eight states — and it is the TOP PRIORITY of anti-gun radicals here in Wisconsin, too!

In fact, this fight is already well underway.

During his inaugural speech, Attorney General Josh Kaul made it clear that he will using his office to do everything he can to pass this bill in 2019.

Worse, Governor Evers immediately confirmed that he supports ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation and would sign it into law the moment it lands on his desk!

[CONTACT: first name], this is an emergency and I’m afraid that without your immediate action, these gun control zealots will be successful at ramming this bill into law, before you and I can mobilize enough gun owners to stop it!

That’s why I’m counting on you to please click on the links below and sign your petition to the members of the Wisconsin General Assembly, demanding your State Assemblyman/woman and State Senators oppose this radical legislation.

Because as bad as the news I outlined above is, it gets even worse as Republican Speaker of the Assembly, Robin Vos, has already agreed to consider the bill in the Assembly — giving the gun-grabbers exactly what they wanted!

Sadly, this doesn’t surprise us as it was Robin Vos who tried to find the votes to pass a statewide gun registry last year, and only stopped when his colleagues threatened to remove him as Speaker of the Assembly!

I can’t stress how important your petition is at reminding lawmakers in Madison that gun owners like you and me are 100%
opposed to this scheme –- especially as the bill is gaining support in the Republican controlled Assembly!

If enacted, ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation would allow virtually anyone to make a claim that you are a danger to yourself or someone else and ask a judge to order you stripped of your firearms.

The amount of room for abuse in this process should have every gun owner in Wisconsin alarmed. Consider the following:

>>>  These gun seizure orders will be issued before you have been convicted, or even charged, with anything!

A gun owner with absolutely no criminal background of any kind, can have his firearms seized before he ever sets foot in a courtroom.

You would have more due process rights in traffic court than you would in defending your constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

>>>  The hearing that determines whether or not to strip you of your firearms happens in secret!

Known as ex-parte proceedings, these hearings take place in your absence. You will have no ability to question your accuser, provide your own evidence, or testify in your own defense.

>>>  The investigation into whether or not you can keep your firearms can be filed by almost anyone!

From an embittered ex-spouse, a liberal college professor, or a mental health staffer who just hates the Second Amendment, virtually anyone can file these bogus complaints.

Given how much opposition we’ve seen to our gun rights from the Wisconsin law enforcement and judicial system over the last few years, we know that this unconstitutional power could be greatly abused.

Simply put: this is the most aggressive attack on our gun rights that we’ve ever seen here in Wisconsin, as it allows you to be stripped of ALL of your gun rights by the stroke of a pen!

So please take a moment and sign your petition telling your lawmakers to STOP, BLOCK and OPPOSE this radical anti-gun legislation!

No gun owner wants a criminally deranged person walking around carrying a gun. But there is already a process in place to deal with people like that.

Just consider the facts.

Under current law, those who tell others of their intent to kill can ALREADY be arrested for making threats if law enforcement is informed.

Those who are exhibiting ‘warning signs’ that they may be planning violence can — at a minimum — be interviewed by law enforcement who can move to arrest the person if needed.

As anyone in law enforcement will tell you, you can tell A LOT about a person’s intentions with the answers to just a couple questions.

But they’ll also tell you that no gun control law on the books will ever stop crime, especially if law enforcement fails to do its job like we saw in Parkland, Florida last year.

Gun-grabbers know all of this, but they don’t care.

They are hoping that the surging Republican support for this legislation around the country will allow them to muscle the necessary votes from ‘across the aisle’ to pass this bill into law this year.

And with Speaker Vos openly agreeing to take up this legislation, the gun-grabbers just might get their way!

So please don’t think for a moment that this bill is not a threat because we have Republicans in control in the legislature.

On the contrary, we need to make sure that every lawmaker in Madison –- Republican and Democrat alike — knows they will pay a steep political price if they even think about backing this bill!

Your signed petition is crucial, as it allows WIFC staff in the Capitol to show your lawmaker that you are opposed to this legislation.

But in addition to your signed petition, I hope you know that I am counting on your immediate financial support, too!

As you read this, the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition is preparing a massive mobilization program, designed to activate tens of thousands of gun owners into opposing this bill.

This program will include:

>>> A large scale email and direct mail program, designed to get tens of thousands of petitions signed in opposition to this program.

>>> A state-of-the-art Internet and social media campaign exposing any politician who dares to support this bill.

>>> An unrelenting radio and TV ad campaign if we can raise to resources, to highlight the details of this bill and ensure that gun owners are flooding the Capitol with calls, in advance of any vote.

I’ll fight as long and as hard as I can, but we need to be able to fund these crucial programs.

And with the Governor, the Attorney General, and Republican Speaker Vos all in lock-step on this bill, I hope you’ll consider an emergency contribution of $250, if possible.

I know that’s a lot of money, but we need it NOW.

‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation is the most dangerous threat that we have ever faced in Madison, especially with Republican Speaker Vos openly talking about backing it!

So if $250 is just not possible, I hope you’ll consider $100, $50 or at least $25 or $10.

If Bloomberg radicals are able to DESTROY the cherished American concept of ‘innocent until proven guilty,’ our rights will be eroded bit by bit until we have no freedom left!

We have to fight back -– please stand with us now!

For Freedom,

Benjamin Dorr 
Political Director
Wisconsin Firearms Coalition

P.S. Governor Evers, Attorney General Kaul, and now Republican Speaker of the Assembly Robin Vos are all working to pass ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation in Wisconsin!

This is an emergency!

Please sign the petition below, helping us to show lawmakers in Madison that they will pay a heavy price if they support this bill.

And please include your most generous financial support right away, so we can mobilize an army of gun owners! From $5 to $500, please send what you can IMMEDIATELY!



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