It Keeps Spreading!

Texas legislators want to call a special session to pass it.

North Carolina voted it though their House just days ago.

And Michigan is making us look bad by passing it through committee and sending it to the House for a full vote soon.

You see, Constitutional Carry isn’t letting up anytime soon.

Our own Constitutional Carry bill, S.B. 169, is still in the Judiciary and Public Safety Committee and we need to get it out.

And soon.

The legislature is expected to go on summer break in just a few weeks.

And we need to do everything we can to make sure it makes it out of committee so that we can focus on the full House when they come back after summer break.

It’s time Wisconsin joined this growing list. Please help us, by signing your petition in support of Constitutional Carry legislation today!

When we look at Wisconsin politics for the last decade, there’s one thing I know for sure — majorities come and they go.

Right now is the best chance that gun owners have had in almost 20 years to pass pro-gun legislation — thanks to the hard work of gun owners who removed so many anti-gun legislators from office!

But this window will not remain open indefinitely.

So please, take a moment to sign your petition in support of Constitutional Carry legislation now!

To be clear, Constitutional Carry would not eliminate the permit system that we have in place right now. It would simply make it optional. So, if you want a permit you can still have one, but that would be your choice.

While we have a pro-gun legislature at the moment, the fight for Constitutional Carry will not be an easy one.

Anti-gun legislators and liberal media outlets alike have made it clear all session long, they can’t stand Constitutional Carry.

They continue to spread lies and falsehoods about what Constitutional Carry will do as we saw in the first public hearing we had just a week and a half ago.

Constitutional Carry will be a major political fight.

That’s why, in addition to your signed petition, I hope you will consider a generous donation to the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition to help us mobilize as many people as possible between now and next session.

We are hoping to be able to deliver a mountain of petitions to the legislature when they reconvene, and we are using direct mail, email, and social media to do just that.

In order to continue with what is sure to be an expensive session, we need your help.

So whether you can make a major donation of $500-$1000 as some generous supporters have already done, or whether $5- $10 is more appropriate for you at this time — please just do what you can right away.

Either way, please make sure to sign your petition, as that’s most important.

For Freedom,

Greg Pruett
Political Director
Wisconsin Firearms Coalition

P.S. Constitutional Carry is on the move in states all around us right now!

The Wisconsin Firearms Coalition plans to deliver a mountain of signed petitions to the legislature when they reconvene.

That’s why I hope you’ll take a moment and sign your petition in support of this legislation today!


And if you can, please consider a generous contribution to help us spread the word and mobilize as many gun owners as possible.