New Hampshire Joins Constitutional Carry Ranks!

Constitutional Carry is on the move nationwide, and another state has joined the ranks!

We want to congratulate the State of New Hampshire which is about to become the 12th Constitutional Carry state!

The New Hampshire Governor will be receiving the bill soon and has already said that he will sign it into law.

Constitutional Carry is sweeping the nation.

11 states already had Constitutional Carry when the year began, and we anticipate at least 12 others are going to be fighting for it this year as well.

Wisconsin will be one of them!

Just to refresh your memory, Constitutional Carry is a very simple idea: if you’re legally allowed to own a firearm for self-defense, you’d legally be allowed to carry that firearm for any lawful purpose without:

     1. Having to pay hefty fees.

     2. Going through a bunch of bureaucratic rigmarole.

     3. Having your name added to a government database.

That’s how it’s done in states like Alaska, Vermont, Kansas, Maine, Wyoming, Arizona, Arkansas, West Virginia, Idaho, Missouri, and others.

Michael Bloomberg and anti-gun zealots have attempted to defeat Constitutional Carry and other pro-gun legislation, and they continue to lose.

The November 8th elections showed us that Hillary Clinton and her anti-gun pals took the wrong stance on guns, as they continue to get obliterated at the polls.

Clearly, the time is right for us to become the next Constitutional Carry state and hand anti-gunners one more defeat.

It can no longer be acceptable for Wisconsin to be followers in the gun rights battle. We must lead.

The liberal media and anti-gun progressives are already spreading lies about what Constitutional Carry law in Wisconsin will look like.

They claim that having Constitutional Carry in Wisconsin means you can no longer get a concealed carry permit.

That simply isn’t true.

The Constitutional Carry law that that we are pushing will leave the permit system in place.

The law just means that the permit is optional.

If you want to get a permit for reciprocity reasons, you still can.

However, if you no longer want to be treated like a 2nd class citizen, for simply exercising your 2nd Amendment right, you don’t have to get a permit.

The 2nd Amendment made it very clear that your right to “bear” arms, “shall not be infringed.”

Forcing law abiding Wisconsin citizens to get a permit to carry their firearms for self-defense is an infringement.

You can help fight back by standing with us — and showing our legislators you mean business — by telling them you want Constitutional Carry for Wisconsin. Here’s how:

>>> Go to our Facebook Page and “Like” it. During the session, Facebook is sometimes the best place to get immediate updates from the Capitol.

>>> Next, sign the petition for Constitutional Carry in   Wisconsin.

>>> Finally, please consider joining the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition at the following levels — $125, $75 or even just $35 — to help us mobilize even more gun owners like yourself!

Your help is crucial to the passage of Constitutional Carry in Wisconsin.

The 2017 Session is going to be a long, drawn-out battle, and we need to have all hands-on deck for this fight.

Constitutional Carry is going to take every pro-gun advocate to get it across the finish line.

For Freedom,

Greg Pruett
Political Director
Wisconsin Firearms Coalition

P.S. Constitutional Carry is going to be the law in New Hampshire as the bill heads to their Governor’s desk! Other states continue to push it forward as well.

We don’t want Wisconsin to be left behind. That’s why I need your help immediately.

Please sign the petition below to let your Representatives know you want Constitutional Carry law in Wisconsin.

Then, please consider joining the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition at any of our levels — $125, $75, or even just $35 — to help us mobilize other Wisconsin gun owners who also want Constitutional Carry.