Our Backs are Against the Wall

We’re only days away from the November 6 elections and frankly, it’s “do-or-die” time.

Our direct mail, mass email, online ads, radio ads and door-knocking programs are running full tilt but we need your help to keep them going.

The fact is, our backs are against the wall.

Radical anti-gun groups, funded by New York BILLIONAIRES who have nothing in common with our Wisconsin way of life, are funding a massive assault on Wisconsin to take control of our government in order to annihilate our Second Amendment rights.

They have an ARMY of paid door-knockers, phone bankers and activists working around the clock to turn out the anti-gun vote!

But don’t take my word for it.

Below are images from the Bloomberg funded “Moms Demand Action – WI” Facebook “Events” page, detailing the massive amount of effort they’re putting in to electing radical anti-gunners in Wisconsin.

This is only a small portion of their efforts!

As you can see, Web, the anti-gun groups have laid it all on the line with a massive statewide mobilization plan to steal our elections!

We’ve got to FIGHT BACK!

Please take a moment and make an emergency contribution to help the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition increase the amount of mail, email, radio ads, online targeted ads, and door-to-door lit dropping campaigns that are taking place across the state right now!

Whether that’s $5 or $500, we need your help right now.

With only TEN days to go, Bloomberg’s hoards are only increasing their attacks on pro-gun candidates and our gun rights.

We’ve got to meet political force with superior political force and that’s exactly what our programs are designed to do.

So please consider an emergency contribution of $250 or $500 right away to help us EXPOSE anti-gun candidates in targeted districts all across Wisconsin!

If that’s simply too much, please consider $100, $50 or $25 right away.

All the resources you give us go straight to the fight to stop these radicals from turning our Wisconsin into another California-style gun control stronghold.

Please act now!

For Freedom,

Ben Dorr
Political Director
Wisconsin Firearms Coalition