Over 100 Shot in Chicago!

How many people have to die in Chicago before change is made?

When will the gun control crowd realize their experiment has failed?

Over 100 people were shot in Chicago over the July 4th holiday and now Wisconsin’s most notorious anti-gun politicians want to bring Chicago-style gun policies here!

You can help stop them.

More on that below!

For years, the Michael Bloomberg’s of the world have told us that if we just ban certain types of guns and implement certain anti-gun laws that crime will virtually disappear.

“Ban scary black guns,” they said.

“Make people wait to buy guns,” they said.

“Force citizens to pay taxes for self-defense,” they said.

Those types of laws are currently in place in the city of Chicago and throughout the state of Illinois.

How is that working out for them?

In 2016, over 4,300 people were shot in Chicago.

In fact, every 2 hours in Chicago, day in and day out, someone gets shot in the ‘Capitol City of Gun Control.’

If gun control were such an effective tool at preventing “gun violence” as the anti-gun crowd claims, then why is Chicago the deadliest city in America?

And why are DOZENS of legislators in Madison backing the same failed legislation here, trying to establish a statewide gun registry?

You see, now that Donald Trump is the President, the gun control elite in Madison assume you aren’t paying attention.

They assume that you have gone to sleep.

They are also refusing to believe that their anti-gun stance is to blame for their continued losses at the ballot box.

Now, they want to test your resolve!

They want to see if you care whether or not they build coalitions to pass these failed Bloomberg policies.

And they are not wasting any time! Some of the gun control bills they are pushing include:

>>>  A.B. 74, which would bring back the 48-Hour waiting period to buy a defensive handgun.

>>>  S.B. 197/A.B. 258, which seeks to ban self-defense on public transportation.

>>>  S.B. 34/A.B. 65, the most dangerous threat of all, a bill that would establish a de facto statewide firearms registry under the guise of “Universal Background Checks.”

They know that these bills are going to face resistance here in Madison, but passage of these bills isn’t their end-goal.

The anti-gun forces on the ground here are trying to test our resolve.

They want to know if gun owners are mobilized and ready to defend their gun rights, or if we are complacent and not paying attention.

If you and I do nothing they will be emboldened to push even harder, and already they have amassed over 2 dozen co-sponsors!

You see, they are hoping you won’t care.

And they are hoping that weak-kneed ‘pro-gun’ politicians in Madison are going to buckle and be willing to cut a deal with your gun rights.

That’s why we must stay vigilant and fight back.

What can you do to help?

First, sign the petition to oppose Statewide Gun Registration in Wisconsin!

Second, we need this petition to reach as many Wisconsin gun owners as possible and we could use some help “boosting” it all over Facebook.

At a cost of just $10 a day, we can reach thousands more Wisconsinites to join in this fight.

Pick which option best suits your abilities and donate TODAY. All donations are greatly appreciated.

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Finally, make sure to send this email to all your family and friends so they can sign the petition too!

With dozens of anti-gun Senators and Assemblymen in Madison doing everything they can to push gun control forward — you must take a stand.

Please stand with us!

For Freedom,

Greg Pruett
Political Director
Wisconsin Firearms Coalition

P.S. Over 100 people were shot in the city of Chicago over the Independence Day weekend, as Bloomberg-styled gun control has turned Chicago into a war zone.

Right here in Madison, gun control advocates continue their assault on your gun rights, trying to pass the same bills that have made Chicago so dangerous!

In fact, they are pushing Statewide Gun Registration of all Wisconsin gun owners and they have DOZENS of cosponsors on the bill.

Please help us by signing the petition today to oppose their efforts.

Once you have signed the petition, we could use your help “boosting” it all over Wisconsin on Facebook to mobilize as many gun owners as possible.

Please consider donating:

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