President Trump vs Gov DeSantis: Who Will Fight for Gun Owners?

The GOP convention here in Wisconsin is still fifteen months away but the battle between Pres. Trump and Gov. DeSantis is already white hot — and DeSantis isn’t even officially running yet! 

For gun owners, the stakes could not be higher.

Between his Executive Orders, budget allocations, and the one gun control bill he did get passed through Congress, Joe Biden has done significant damage to our Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Gun owners can’t allow the next Republican President to simply veto future gun control laws. The next President must help us undo the damage that has already occurred under Joe Biden!

In this video, my brother Aaron and Chris break down the records of Pres. Trump and Gov. DeSantis and talk about who is MOST LIKELY to fight for gun owners, based on their records.

Watch the video here, or by clicking below.

As you heard in the video, during a Republican Party primary, everyone (even Nikki Haley 😊) will claim to be pro-gun.

But as every gun owner knows, once they are safely in office, many politicians immediately forget the promises they made to gun owners and do absolutely nothing.

And given the issues with both Pres. Trump AND Gov. DeSantis’s record on the Second Amendment, it’s critical that gun owners get them ON THE RECORD via the candidate survey process.

You can play a direct role in this.

Trump, DeSantis, Haley and other Republican candidates are already crisscrossing the country looking for support from gun owners…which means they have to interact with you.

So please print off the Presidential Candidate Survey from our national affiliate, the American Firearms Association, and ask these candidates to complete it right in front of you. 

Our Second Amendment freedoms have kept America the bastion of freedom for almost 250 years. 

If we lose these freedoms, we’ll never get them back and our country will plunge into a darkness like we’ve never known.

The next President must help us restore the Second Amendment and fight to expand it! With the primary just getting underway, now is your chance to push them to do that.



Please share this video on your social media accounts and forward this email to every gun owner you know.

For Wisconsin,

Ben Dorr
Political Director
Wisconsin Firearms Coalition