Yesterday I signed a pointed letter to an acquaintance of our organization — Special Assistant to the President of the United States — who vowed to circulate it among Senior White House staff.

The letter, which I’ve linked for you to read below, was signed by EIGHT other state-level Second Amendment organizations.

The two key themes of the letter:

1. The government failed in Florida and more government will never stop a mad man intent on doing harm.

2. If the President pushes forward with gun control, Second Amendment supporters could abandon him and sit out in 2018 and 2020.

Sure enough, I looked on the news this morning and saw the headline:

Donald Trump’s aides warn him he risks antagonizing his pro-gun base

Of course letters and words aren’t enough to stop a gun control battle in any legislative body.

Grassroots pressure is.

Please contact your elected officials in DC — including our Senators Johnson and Baldwin — and INSIST they oppose gun control at every opportunity.

For Freedom,

Jason Storms
Chairman of the Board
Wisconsin Firearms Coalition

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