Record Breaking Year For Constitutional Carry!

I can’t believe what I am seeing.

It was just a few years ago that only five states had Constitutional Carry.

The idea that the Second Amendment was your permit to “bear arms” was a novel concept and very few people had heard of the term before — now it is spreading like wildfire across the country!

Now it’s Wisconsin’s turn, and we’ll tell you how you can stand with us in this fight in a moment.

Last year we saw four states pass Constitutional Carry including: West Virginia, Idaho, Mississippi, and Missouri!

What made 2016 even better for Constitutional Carry is the fact that gun owners defeated Michael Bloomberg and his millions of dollars in each of these states.

All of his millions couldn’t outwork the tens of thousands of grassroots gun owners in those states who demanded passage of Constitutional Carry — and made it clear that they would hold their legislators accountable.

That was 2016.

So far this year, we already have two states that passed Constitutional Carry — New Hampshire and North Dakota!

An additional fifteen states have introduced Constitutional Carry in 2017, with three states having already passed the bill through at least one legislative chamber.

Each state is feeling the heat from Michael Bloomberg and his endless supply of anti-gun money, but in each state, grassroots gun owners are refusing to back down.

If these three states pass Constitutional Carry this year, that would make 5 states — a new record!

The question is, will Wisconsin be left in the dust?

We were one of the last states to adopt Shall-Issue and one of the last to repeal the waiting period to allow law abiding citizens to purchase defensive handguns.

Will we be one of the last to adopt Constitutional Carry?

Not if the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition has anything to say about it!

With so much momentum on the side of gun owners, we can’t let up now!

Constitutional Carry legislation (Senate Bill 169) has been filed and is ready to go.

Senate Bill 169 has been assigned to the Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee and insiders report that it should have a hearing at any moment.

That’s why we must make our voices heard right now.

The first step for Wisconsin is to get our bill heard in committee!

I need you to help me out with a few things that will just take five minutes of your time.

>>> First, please contact the Judiciary and Public Safety Committee Chairman and Vice-Chairman TODAY and ask them to schedule a hearing for Senate Bill 169 immediately!

Sen. Wanggaard (Chair), 608-266-1832 [email protected]

Sen. Testin (Vice-Chair), 608-266-3123 [email protected]

>>> Second, make sure you’re getting the latest information from Madison by “Liking” our FacebooPage. Things happen fast in the capitol and oftentimes we are able to get urgent updates out on Facebook first!

>>> Finally, please consider a donation of $50, $25 oeven just $10 today to help us mobilize gun owneragainst the anti-gun forces that are fighting againsour gun rights here in Wisconsin!

I told you last week how the anti-gun organizations are actively working against this bill, hoping to shut it down without so much as a committee hearing.

Your donations and your actions that you take right now help far more than you can even imagine as we are using them to mobilize as many gun owners as possible via direct mail, email, and social media.

Grassroots gun owners like you made Constitutional Carry a reality in all the states I mentioned above, and it will be grassroots gun owners who will make this a reality here in Wisconsin!

Thank you in advance for your efforts today!

For Freedom,

Greg Pruett
Political Director
Wisconsin Firearms Coalition

P.S. Last year was a record breaking year for Constitutional Carry and this year could be even bigger.

While four states passed Constitutional Carry last year, five or more states could pass it this year.

Wisconsin gun owners deserve no less protection of our gun rights!

So please contact the Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee Chair and Vice-Chair, using the information listed above, to get a hearing for this bill.

Finally, please consider a donation of $50 or $25 today to help us mobilize gun owners against Michael Bloomberg and other anti-gun forces that are working to stop us here in Madison.

Thank you!