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The 2020 session of the Wisconsin State Legislature is barreling at us like a freight train, and I must tell you, gun-grabbers in Madison are licking their chops in anticipation.

They are convinced that 2020 will be their year to finally pass gun control here in Wisconsin. And unless gun owners like you and me stand up and fight back — they just might get their way!

There’s no denying that, in the wake of the El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH shootings that killed 30 people, the radical gun control lobby has the wind at their back in Washington.

And with Republican lawmakers in D.C. lining up in support of federal gun control bills like ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures,’ it’s no surprise that gun grabbers in Madison are convinced that they can ‘make a deal’ with Republican leaders here in Madison, too!

By the time you read this, the legislature will likely have wrapped up the Special Session that Governor Evers is forcing on lawmakers, as he seeks passage of two radical gun control bills.

And while we anticipate that these bills won’t pass during the special session — as leadership is signaling they will use the ‘this isn’t the way we normally pass legislation around here’ argument — everything is on the table when they reconvene in 2020.

That’s why I hope you will renew your membership in the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition for 2020 right away, and it’s why I hope that you will be very generous when you do.

You see, we believe that we can stop the gun control push in Madison during Governor Evers’ ‘Special Session,’ including ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation.

But next session, with an election in sight and pressure mounting from Bloomberg-funded organizations, moderate Republicans are signaling to us that they would be open to ‘a better version’ of this horrible legislation.

And with Republican U.S. Senator Ron Johnson now publicly backing ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation, we expect even more moderates, especially in the Assembly, to support this bill!

That’s because Bloomberg-backed groups have been using Johnson’s support for their agenda to beat up on pro-gun lawmakers, demanding that they back this legislation ‘now that Senator Johnson supports it.’

It’s hard to describe what a disaster it would be if Wisconsin lawmakers enacted ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation, as it would allow anyone who doesn’t like you to file a complaint against you, allowing liberal judges to confiscate your firearms!

These complaints could come from a bitter ex-spouse, an angry brother-in-law who lives 1,000 miles away from you, or just your neighborhood gun grabber who doesn’t like the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition decal on the back of your vehicle!

Even worse is the fact that this could happen to you before you have been arrested, charged, or convicted of anything!

Lawmakers across the country are claiming that they will ensure ‘due process’ is protected when they pass this legislation — but that’s simply absurd.

You see, one of this great country’s founding principles was the idea that we are ‘innocent until proven guilty’ in a court of law.

Red Flag Gun Seizures’ destroys that concept, by allowing a rogue judge to declare you guilty based on the ‘evidence’ of personal enemies before you’ve been charged with any crime –forcing you to prove your innocence later!

And while I’m sure you’ll agree that helping us fight against this bill is reason enough for your renewed membership
in 2020, ‘Red Flags’ is far from the only threat we are facing.

That’s because OVER FIFTY lawmakers in Madison are also trying to use the recent shootings in Texas and Ohio to demand passage of a statewide gun registry, under the guise of ‘Universal Background Checks!’

This legislation (H.B. 431) has just one purpose: to track every firearm in the state and build a massive database of gun owners — by requiring every firearm transfer to be approved by the government first!

These background checks haven’t stopped a single mass shooter and they never will, as criminals will always be able to find another firearm.

Lawmakers know that. But they don’t care. This bill isn’t about stopping crime, it’s about getting you and me — and every other gun owner in Wisconsin — onto their government registry.

To be clear, if you want to pass down a family heirloom firearm to your nephew, you would have to go through a government mandated check first — or you would become a CONVICTED CRIMINAL!

If you wanted to swap vintage Winchester .22 rifles with a lifelong buddy, someone you’ve known for 40 years, you would have to go through a government mandated check first — or you would become a CONVICTED CRIMINAL!

If you and some friends went on a hunting trip in Northern Wisconsin for the weekend, and you loaned a friend a shotgun without first going through a government mandated check — you would become a CONVICTED CRIMINAL!

The bottom line is that gun-grabbers have declared war on gun owners like you and me, and we need to fight back!

We’re squaring off against Governor Evers, Attorney General Kaul, the entire Senate Democratic machine, and Bloomberg-funded organizations, all of whom are demanding passage of these bills!

So how do we fight back?

By flooding Madison with hundreds of thousands of calls and emails from grassroots gun owners, all telling their lawmakers the same thing: If you mess with our right to keep and bear arms, you will pay the price!

That means direct mail, that means targeted social media, that means massive amounts of emails statewide. And that may even mean radio and TV ads, before key votes.

And that’s why I desperately hope you’ll renew your membership for 2020 immediately.

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Our freedom, our way of life, and our very ability to defend ourselves and our loved ones is being challenged in a very real way.

Our forefathers fought and died to make sure that we would have a Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, and now our children and grandchildren are counting on you and me to do our part to ensure that these freedoms don’t disappear forever.

That’s why I’m counting on you to answer the call, to continue to stand with me in defense of our right to keep and bear arms here in Wisconsin in 2020, by renewing your membership for 2020 for $75 or even $100!

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For Wisconsin,

Benjamin Dorr
Political Director
Wisconsin Firearms Coalition

P.S. The fight for the Second Amendment is about to get white hot here in Wisconsin, as gun grabbers are hoping to use recent shootings in Texas and Ohio as an excuse to ram ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ and ‘Universal Background Checks’ into law in 2020.

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