Teen suspect killed in Rosharon home invasion faced previous robbery charge

Las Vegas – Out on bond and awaiting trial for an early felony armed robbery, 18 year-old D’Andre Fanniel made the decision to continue in his fateful career path, and this time he brought a friend with him.

So the two armed gunman shattered the back door to 5100 Apollo Lane and demanded money from a woman in the home.

Thankfully, the woman was on the phone with her son-in-law as the invasion started and he responded from his residence directly across the street, armed with his own firearm.

Not giving up, the two suspects engaged in a shootout with the son-in-law. Fanniel died of his wounds as the other suspect fled.

Had it not been for her armed son-in-law, this woman may have been just the latest robbery victim (or worse) to make the police blotter. As it is, this shooting is just one of the estimated 2.5 million defensive gun uses that occur in this country every year.

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