Tony Evers ATTACKS Gun Owners!

It was just a matter of time.

With the election of Governor Tony Evers last year, every gun owner in the state knew that we would be in a major fight over our Second Amendment freedoms soon.

And with the blood of dozens of Americans barely dry after the mass shootings in Dayton, OH and El Paso, TX, Governor Evers thinks that now is the time to push for radical gun control in Madison!

In fact, Governor Evers just wrapped up a major press conference in Madison, demanding passage of ‘Universal Background Check’ legislation when the legislature comes back from summer break in September!

That’s why I hope that you will immediately sign and submit the petition that we have prepared for you, reminding your lawmakers that you will remember their votes on this legislation during next year’s primary and general elections!

More on that below.

Make no mistake, passing this legislation has nothing to do with stopping violent criminals, it’s about advancing a radical political agenda that is designed to disarm law abiding citizens.

You see, the Dayton, OH shooter bought his firearms legally after passing a background check — so passing Governor Evers’ bill would have done literally nothing to stop him!

The Las Vegas, NV shooting last year, that killed dozens of people and led to the ban on bump stocks was carried out by a madman who first passed a background check — so passing Governor Evers’ bill would have done nothing to stop him!

Closer to home, when Wade Page killed six people at a Sikh Temple right here in Oak Creek, Wisconsin in August of 2012, he did so after first passing a background check!

Yet Governor Evers stood right up there during his press conference and said that the Sikh Temple shooting is the very reason we need these gun control laws!

I could go on, as virtually every mass shooting of the last decade was carried out by someone who bought his firearms legally — proving how worthless they are at stopping criminals!

So if background checks won’t stop criminals, why are Governor Evers and his cohorts in Madison so eager to pass them?

It’s simple.

Passing this legislation will allow Governor Evers and future gun-grabbing governors to track every firearm in the state and build a massive database of gun owners — by requiring every firearm transfer to be approved by the government first!

Please understand exactly what is at stake for gun owners like you and me if this legislation passes into law.

If you want to pass down a family heirloom firearm to your grandson, you would have to go through a government mandated
check first — or you would become a CONVICTED FELON!

If your adult daughter moved out of your home and set up an apartment of her own and you wanted to give her a firearm for protection, you would have to go through a government mandated check first — or you would become a CONVICTED FELON!

If you and some friends went on a hunting trip in Northern Wisconsin for the weekend, and you loaned a lifelong buddy a shotgun without first going through a government mandated check — you would become a CONVICTED FELON!

Again, no committed criminal would ever be thwarted from buying a firearm and carrying out a criminal action by the passage of this legislation.

Governor Evers knows that, he just doesn’t care. This bill isn’t about stopping crime, it’s about getting you and me — and every other gun owner in Wisconsin — onto their government registry.

And while Evers’ bill hasn’t been filed yet, we know that it will have broad support in Madison as DOZENS of lawmakers signed on as cosponsors to similar legislation last year!

With Michael Bloomberg spending a fortune to help elect Governor Evers in 2018, he’s looking for a return on his investment, which is why Evers is ‘all in,’ and is using every tool at his disposal to ram this bill into law.

But I’m sure you’ll agree that this legislation is about much more than just stamping out our gun rights — it’s an attack on our heritage of freedom and our very way of life!

Next to my bb gun, my first firearm was a .410 single-shot shotgun given to me by my grandfather. He taught me how to shoot it out behind his grain bins on his farm in nearby Iowa.

And while I’ve bought more expensive and more exotic firearms since that time, it’s still the most treasured firearm that I own because it was a gift from my grandfather.

If Representative Sargent and Governor Evers have their way, my grandfather — and probably your grandfather — would have faced felony charges for giving me that .410!

This is absolutely outrageous!

And that’s why I hope you’ll immediately sign and submit the petition that we have prepared for you, so that I can show your lawmakers exactly how you expect them to vote on this bill.

You see, just because we have a Republican controlled Assembly and Senate doesn’t mean this bill is dead on arrival when the legislature reconvenes in a few weeks.

In fact, Speaker Robin Vos has previously expressed support for ‘Universal Background Checks,’ and insiders tell us that he only withdrew his push when his caucus threatened to replace him as speaker!

Make no mistake: Speaker Vos is a weak person.

He is afraid of the FAKE NEWS.

He is afraid of angering his moderate donors.

And he is afraid of Bloomberg, even though there is no better way to secure reelection in Wisconsin than by fighting to defend the Second Amendment!

He and his legislative leadership team will not stiffen their spine on their own accord — that’s where you come in.

Please sign and submit your petition immediately.

But I hope you’ll also consider making the most generous contribution that you can, so that the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition can ramp up our mobilization across the state!

With your help, we are preparing to mobilize as many gun owners as possible before floor votes can be held, by:

  1. Cranking up the pressure on state lawmakers with targeted social media — going district by district — making sure that every gun owner knows to contact their lawmakers!


  1. Deploying an additional 25,000 pieces of direct mail with built in petitions so that gun owners can take action, reminding their legislators that they are watching their votes very closely.


  1. Rapidly expanding our email program to provide up to the moment updates, as this fight and the legislation we are up against come into focus. Our pre-written emails to lawmakers are feared by many lawmakers, but we hope to take it to a whole new level.


  1. Unleashing a round of radio and TV ads the day before the vote, if we can afford it, to inundate Madison with calls from angry gun owners!

It’s a full court press; it needs to be, as we are under assault from Republicans, Democrats, and the media.

But this program won’t even get off the ground if I can’t
write the check to pay for it all.

Simply put, fundraising in the summer is not easy for non-profit organizations like the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition, as people are busy with vacations and family activities.

I need your help to run this program, and I need it as soon as possible.

Some of you are able to make major investments in this fight and can afford to contribute $1,000 or even $2,500. If that describes you, I hope you’ll be as generous as you can.

But of course, I know that not everyone can do that.

But I hope you know that any gift — from $100, $50 or even just $25 — will be very helpful as we gear up for this fight.

I don’t know what you can afford, I only hope that whatever that amount is, you can submit it to me right away (along with your signed petition) so that I can get ready for this fight!

For Wisconsin,

Benjamin Dorr
Political Director
Wisconsin Firearms Coalition

P.S. In the wake of the mass shootings in Ohio and Texas, Governor Evers and his allies in Madison and going ‘all in’ in their efforts to pass ‘Universal Background Checks!’

This bill won’t stop crime, but will create a massive database of every gun owner in the state!

So please sign and submit the petition that we’ve prepared for you!

When you’re done, please help us by making your most generous contribution, so that the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition can FIGHT FOR YOU!

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