Update On Constitutional Carry In Wisconsin!

I can’t believe it’s happening — again.

While reviewing all the current gun control bills that had been introduced in Wisconsin, two more have just been filed!

The first bill, S.B. 346, would require gun owners to jump through even more bureaucratic hoops before they can carry their self-defense firearm.

The second bill, S.B. 347, seeks to make gun owners obtain insurance before they carry their firearms for self-defense.

Both of these bills fly in the face of our objective, passing Constitutional Carry.

Clearly, the anti-gun elite in Madison are not short on unconstitutional ideas to curb your gun rights and strip you of your ability to defend your life.

They are more determined than ever to turn Wisconsin’s cities into places like Chicago and Detroit!

With gun control advocates marching against us, where are the pro-gun bills — and what is happening with Constitutional Carry?

We need your immediate help to advance it, more on that in a second.

First, let us remind you what Constitutional Carry is.

Constitutional Carry is a very straight forward concept: if you’re legally allowed to own a firearm, you’d be legally allowed to carry that firearm for any lawful purpose with no additional paperwork or permits required.

If you want a permit for reciprocity purposes or for any other reason, you’d still be free to do that, as Constitutional Carry doesn’t phase out the permit, but rather makes it optional.

However, if you don’t want to pay fees, go through the bureaucratic paperwork process, and be added to a database just to exercise your constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms, you wouldn’t have to.

That’s the system that our friends in Kansas and Arkansas enjoy, not to mention gun owners in Alaska, Vermont, Maine, Wyoming, Arizona, West Virginia, and Idaho.

How is it that a state like Wisconsin, where we have massive pro-gun majorities in both chambers and a Republican governor, have not even had a vote on Constitutional Carry?

It has been 7 weeks since the public hearing on S.B. 169!

No votes have taken place.

There has been no push from Senate and Assembly leaders to push the bill forward.

We aren’t even seeing “pro-gun” politicians out touting the bill.

You have flooded their phone lines and emailed them daily telling them to hold a vote on Constitutional Carry, to no avail.

It’s time to act now before it’s too late!

The legislative leaders in Madison clearly don’t think this issue is a top priority for you.

We need you to contact Speaker Vos and Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald IMMEDIATELY and tell them to move on Constitutional Carry.

Speaker of the House Robin Vos

     Phone: 608-266-9171
Email: [email protected]

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald

     Phone: 608-266-5660
Email: [email protected]


It’s time to ramp up the pressure in Madison and show leadership that we aren’t going quietly into the night.

We will stand and fight until Constitutional Carry is passed!

Please stand with us!

For Freedom,

Greg Pruett
Political Director
Wisconsin Firearms Coalition

P.S. Several more gun control bills have been introduced in Madison, while Constitutional Carry continues to collect dust in a Committee desk drawer.

Before we get left behind in another gun rights battle, we need you to contact leadership in Madison right away.

We have put their contact information above.

Finally, in case you missed it in our previous emails, we are doing a FREE Wisconsin Firearms Coalition T-Shirt to any new or renewed membership of $35 or more!