Where Will You Stand In November?

Left-wing anti-gun sharks all over the country smell political blood in the water here in Wisconsin.

Now, even former President Barack Obama’s “Organizing for Action” — an organization which evolved from his campaign operation — has made flipping control of the Wisconsin State Senate one of its top priorities for 2018!

If they succeed, they’ll immediately go on an anti-gun rampage including ramming through everything from so-called “Universal Background Checks” (STATEWIDE GUN REGISTRATION) to an all-out BAN on so-called “assault weapons!”

That’s why I’m counting on your IMMEDIATE action.

Will you please sign and submit the linked GRASSROOTS GUN RIGHTS PLEDGE right away?

As you’ll see, this pledge simply lets me know:

  1)  You’re planning to vote on Tuesday, November 6; and

  2)  You’ll vote ONLY for candidates who pledge 100% support for your gun rights.

The truth is, you and I have real reason to be concerned.

Just recently, in the Senate District 1 Special Election here in Wisconsin, a pro-gun candidate lost to a gun-grabber in a district President Trump carried by 17%.

This is on top of another Special Election in Senate District 10 earlier this year where gun-grabbers picked up another seat, the same seat that was won with 63% of the vote by a Second Amendment supporter in 2016.

If the gun-grabbers pick up three more seats, the State Senate will be tied. Four more, and they’ll have the majority.

Sadly, you and I can’t count on House leadership to hold the line.

Not long ago, REPUBLICAN House Speaker Robin Vos began openly talking about ramming Michael Bloomberg’s so-called “Universal Background Check” (STATEWIDE GUN REGISTRATION) Bill into law next year!

The ONLY way for our state government to enforce this scheme is to keep track of every gun and gun owner in the state.

That’s registration, plain and simple.

And as you and I know, registration is just the first step toward CONFISCATION.

As if that weren’t bad enough, dozens of legislators have cosponsored bills to ban AR-15s and their standard 30-round magazines.

During the previous session, the State Legislature already held votes on reinstating Wisconsin’s waiting period, banning bump stocks and passing so-called “Universal Background Checks,” which shows legislators aren’t at all afraid of backlash from Second Amendment supporters like you and me.

Fortunately, each one was defeated.

But it shows you just how emboldened the gun-grabbers are.

They believe the political winds are blowing their way and NOTHING can stop them!

So please sign your GRASSROOTS GUN RIGHTS PLEDGE right away!

With former President Obama’s “Organization for Action” organization ready to jump into Wisconsin, I’m more worried than ever.

Passing gun control has always been a top item on their radical agenda.

But another item on their agenda is gaining the majorities they need to undo Governor Scott Walker’s redistricting plans and drawing pro-Second Amendment candidates out of office.

That way they can ensure that our State Legislature never again sees a pro-gun majority.

And while they’re at it, they can ensure they’re sending as many gun-grabbers as possible to Washington, D.C. to help make Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) Speaker of the House!

In other words, without your action, I’m worried that you and I could be staring straight at a gun control DISASTER.

That’s why I’m counting on you to please sign your GRASSROOTS GUN RIGHTS PLEDGE, and submit it to me IMMEDIATELY.

Second, please agree to your most generous contribution in support of the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition’s 2018 Candidate Survey Program.

With your generosity, I’ll make sure every pro-gun Wisconsin citizen knows exactly where their candidates for the State Assembly and Senate stand.

Leading up to the November 2018 General Election, the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition will make sure every anti-gun politician and candidate in BOTH parties is EXPOSED.

In fact, with your help, I’m prepared to blanket our state using email, mail, newspaper and Internet ads and even hard-hitting radio and TV ads to EXPOSE the gun-grabbers’ records if I can pay for them.

With your help, we’ll leave no room for doubt about where each candidate stands on protecting your Second Amendment rights.

The truth is, without Second Amendment supporters, there would be no Republican majorities in Madison today.

And if Second Amendment supporters won’t act in 2018, there won’t be any pro-gun majorities in 2019.

I can promise you that.


With former President Obama’s “Organizing for Action” and BILLIONAIRE gun-grabbers like Bloomberg ready to go all out in Wisconsin, your support today has never been more critical.

So, in addition to signing your GRASSROOTS GUN RIGHTS PLEDGE, please agree to your most generous contribution right away.

Perhaps you can afford $250?

Or if that’s just too much right now, please agree to $100, $50 or at least $25 or $10.

I know that you and I won’t be able to match the MILLIONS out-of-state gun-grabbers are set to pour into Wisconsin.

But the good news is, we have the numbers on our side.

After all the anti-gun madness the gun-grabbers have pushed over the past few years, I shudder to think what could happen next if they skate through the 2018 elections unscathed.

It will only embolden them for future anti-gun assaults.

But with your generous support of $250, $100, $50 or at least $250 today, I can make sure every one of Bloomberg’s anti-gun pals in BOTH parties are EXPOSED!

So won’t you please rush me your most generous gift at once to help us fight for the Second Amendment?

Your support could make all the difference.

For Freedom,

Ben Dorr
Political Director
Wisconsin Firearms Coalition

P.S. Gun control groups all over the country are targeting Wisconsin.

In fact, President Barack Obama’s “Organizing for Action” just announced it’s made flipping control of the Wisconsin State Senate one of its top priorities for 2018!

I need all hands on deck!

So will you please sign and submit your GRASSROOTS GUN RIGHTS PLEDGE right away?

When you’re done, please help us FIGHT BACK with your most generous contribution of $250, $100, $50 or at least $20 or $10 right away?