Biden Surrendering Our Second Amendment to the United Nations!

The only thing “Uniting” about the United Nations is their hatred for anyone who isn’t a globalist, elitist, wannabe dictator. 

And the picture below tells us all we need to know…

Joe Biden is meeting with the UN General Assembly where he has promised to reenter the UN Small Arms Treaty that President Trump struck down, opening up control of our Second Amendment to communists like China!

That’s why I hope you’ll read the email below for more details and then get involved in our fight to stop these tyrants by signing the official “CRUSH THE UN SMALL ARMS TREATY” petition right away!

WIFC members have held back the gun control agenda in D.C. so far, but Joe Biden has other options at his disposal, like allowing CHINA and other foreign countries to dictate our freedoms.


— Ben

Friend —

Less than a month ago, when ‘China Joe’ Biden humiliated himself in front of the world and surrendered Afghanistan back to the Taliban, he did so before he got the Americans out to safety.

More than that, China Joe Biden handed over $85,000,000,000 worth of American military hardware to the Taliban. Reports indicate that portions of this hardware are already being sold off to Iran and other enemies of the United States.

Biden surrendered over 100 combat helicopters, over 200 fixed wing aircraft including 3 C-130’s, almost 10,000 grenade launchers, and 3,012 Humvees.

But Biden also handed over a staggering number of personal weapons to the Taliban, too. That list includes 64,363 belt-fed machine guns, 126,295 handguns, 12,692 shotguns, and 358,530 M4 carbines.

Of course, we haven’t even talked about the advanced night vison, communications gear, drones, surveillance balloons, and radio monitoring systems that Biden handed over.

That’s why, when the news broke just days ago about Joe Biden trying to force American gun owners back into the UN Small Arms Treaty, gun owners across the country became enraged. 

Joe Biden, the moron who handed over $85 billion dollars in weaponry to the Taliban, now has the gall to demand that the U.S. Senate ratify the Small Arms Treaty, so that he and his handlers in China can establish a GLOBAL FIREARMS REGISTRY that will track the ‘end user’ of every firearms sale in America?


It’s unbelievably arrogant. But there’s a much deeper issue at stake than our mentally disintegrating President, his utter   incompetence, and the hatred he has for gun owners in America.

You see, the UN Small Arms Treaty isn’t just being pushed by Joe Biden and our political enemies here in America.  

According to early reports coming out of the UN’s ‘work group’ that met to discuss the treaty in Europe last week, some of the 83 nations that assembled to work on the Arms Treaty included Afghanistan, Serbia, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, and Lebanon.

But make no mistake, the real leader behind the UN Small Arms Treaty — the country that is pulling the strings across the globe and maybe inside of our own White House — is China.

Don’t forget, last century China murdered between 40-45 million of its own people through starvation, torture, and execution. These days, Communist China is a nation of internment camps, a state religion that must be followed, absolutely zero right of free speech, and political opponents who regularly ‘disappear.’

Naturally, the people of China have absolutely no gun rights, which has left them totally helpless against their own government. And it’s this helplessness that China wants to bring to bear on Americans!


If the thought of Communist China trying to use other dictatorships and 3rd world banana republic ‘leaders’ to try to force Americans to surrender our right to keep and bear arms under this treaty enrages you, you’re not alone.

The good news is that gun owners stood tall and BLOCKED the UN Small Arms Treaty once before, when Obama tried to make us submit to it. We can do it again, but we need to act fast!

The Senate needs to vote to ratify any international treaty like this, so that is where we must focus. But we can’t take anything for granted.

The left in this country is FAR more aggressive than they were eight years ago when Obama tried this. And I’m sure you’ll agree, without Trump, the Republicans in D.C. are FAR more likely to stab us in the back, if they think they can get away with it.

So we need to THUNDER our opposition to this Chinese-led attack on our country, making sure that our Senators know that we DEMAND they reject any attempt to subjugate our right to defend ourselves to a globalist cabal! Sign your petition below!


Eighty-three countries attended the working group on this treaty last week, with another twenty countries there to witness the proceedings. Stopping this will be up to the United States!

So take action right away, to help us defend our country and put these international bullies in their place. And when you’re done, please consider a donation to help the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition fight.

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For Wisconsin,

Ben Dorr
Political Director
Wisconsin Firearms Coalition

P.S. After arming the Taliban with $85 billion dollars worth of American military equipment, Joe Biden is now demanding that Americans submit to the UN Small Arms Treaty, which establishes a GLOBAL GUN REGISTRY that tracks ‘end users’ like you and me!

Don’t forget, China and dozens of other nations that HATE AMERICA are the ones pushing this, and we all know why.


After you’ve signed your petition telling Senators Johnson and Baldwin to oppose this treaty (or lose their major for years to come,) please make a donation to help the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition get the word out about this!