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If I would have told you a few weeks ago that we were days away from seeing thousands of violent thugs mobbing, looting and burning American cities to the ground, you wouldn’t have believed me.

But the events of the last weeks have been unprecedented in modern history here in Wisconsin.

From Milwaukee to Superior to Eau Claire to Green Bay – Wisconsinites have seen our peaceful streets turn violent overnight with riotous mobs.

For many Wisconsinites, the last few weeks have shown them what most gun owners have always known: at the end of the day, the government cannot be counted on to defend your family!

We watched as every day Wisconsinites armed themselves with pistols, shotguns and AR-15 style rifles, to stand guard outside their businesses and their homes, prepared to defend themselves and their loved ones, whatever the cost.

But that doesn’t do a lot of good if you don’t own a gun.

And our office has been hammered with calls and emails from fellow Wisconsinites over the last 48 hrs, begging to know how they can buy a handgun for self-defense for the first time.

(Dozens of US cities being overrun with thugs who are rioting, looting and burning down businesses and homes.)

But when I explain the process — the classes, the delays, the permitting, the fees — many Wisconsinites can’t believe it.

They are right to be angry!

After all, when you see the Antifa thugs rioting on Main St in so many Wisconsin towns, it seems a little bit insane that law abiding Wisconsinites are unable to carry a gun to defend themselves, doesn’t it!?

And that’s why it’s urgent that you sign your petition demanding that the legislature take action on Constitutional Carry now!

Sign Your Petition Today!

You see, all over the state we are getting reports of law abiding gun owners who stood guard over their businesses and public buildings.

In Madison, dozens of gun owners, many of them Wisconsin Firearms Coalition members, stood guard, protecting local businesses and neighborhoods from a crowd of thugs bent on destruction.

So the question is, will the Wisconsin legislature stand up for law and order and law-abiding gun owners who are being forced to defend themselves from violent thugs, or not? 

Our neighbors in South Dakota and Missouri have Constitutional Carry, they don’t need to worry about government paperwork when their safety is threatened.

Law abiding Wisconsinites shouldn’t have to, either!

Make your voice heard, sign your petition in support of Constitutional Carry now!

The fact is, we’re going into election season, the time in which WIFC does her best work, exposing anti-gun politicians who denied you Stand-Your-Ground and Constitutional Carry law.

In a time when the lives of so many Wisconsinites are literally on the line because of our lack of pro-gun laws, this is unacceptable!

So sign your petition NOW, demanding a vote on Constitutional Carry!

And if you haven’t joined Wisconsin Firearms Coalition yet, now is the time.

This fight is raging, and we need everyone involved now!


For Wisconsin,

Ben Dorr
Political Director
Wisconsin Firearms Coalition