Help Us Expose Bloomberg’s Gun Control Candidates!


 Dear Christy —                         

With time running out until the Tuesday, November 8 elections, Michael Bloomberg and his anti-gun cohorts are dumping money into Wisconsin by the truckload.

Both nationally and at the state level, polls for Congress and the most hotly contested State Assembly and Senate races are razor thin.

Wisconsin’s entire state government is up for grabs with radical socialists trying to unseat Ron Johnson, take over our Assembly and Senate and keep a lock on the Governor’s mansion. 

Christy, I’m not going to mince words here. 

This is an all-out EMERGENCY for Wisconsin’s Second Amendment supporters.

That’s why I’m writing to ask for your IMMEDIATE support for the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition’s last-minute election year program.


Without your support, I’m worried we’re headed straight for a gun control DISASTER.

As I’ve told you in past letters, gun-grabbers here in Wisconsin — especially compared to other states across the country — are showing no shame in their support for even the most radical gun control. 

With Governor Evers and Senate Democrats introducing the WORST gun control bills and demanding an end to firearms ownership in Wisconsin – they believe they have nothing to lose. 

Should they succeed in maintaining control of our Governorship and seizing control of our General Assembly, they’ll IMMEDIATELY go on a gun control rampage, including: 

***  A complete ban on AR-15s and all “scary” firearms like them.  Don’t think for a second, that if you already own one you’ll be “grandfathered in.”  This will be a TOTAL BAN; 

***  A ban on ALL magazines that hold more than ten rounds.  And that’s no matter if the magazine is for a handgun, a newer semi-automatic rifle or some family heirloom that’s been handed down to you; 

***  So-called “Universal Background Checks” (aka STATEWIDE GUN REGISTRATION).  The ONLY way such a scheme can be enforced is for the state government to keep track of every gun and gun owner in the state.  And as you know, registration is just the first step toward outright CONFISCATION; 

***  Reinstatement of Wisconsin’s hated three-day waiting period to buy a firearm.  So the convenience store clerk who knows he’s in danger goes in to buy a gun, but is told he has to wait three days.  And while he’s waiting, he’s brutally gunned down in a robbery attempt.  Situations JUST LIKE THIS have happened recently and were caught on security cameras.  Law-abiding citizens are denied the guns that could have saved their lives.  For what? 

***  So-called “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation Orders to allow government agents to bust into your home and take your guns with ZERO due process.  That could be just because some ex-love interest wants to make your life miserable — or perhaps some batty aunt doesn’t like the post you made on Facebook! 

Is this what you and I want for the future of Wisconsin?

If your answer is “HELL NO!” I’m counting on your IMMEDIATE financial support.


I’m not going to pretend for a second that the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition is going to be able to match the millions Michael Bloomberg and his pals are pouring into Wisconsin in 2022.

Not to mention Communist moguls like George Soros, who pumped over 18 BILLION dollars into his political apparatus in the recent past — or former President Obama who is dumping in millions as well, through his left-wing group “Organizing for Action!” 

Quite frankly, all of this frightens me . . .

But I also know politics isn’t a money game.  It’s a numbers game. And to beat these Communist bastards we need to turn out in force! 

I still believe the vast majority of Wisconsin citizens don’t want anti-gun left-wing radicals to turn our state into the next California, New York or neighboring Illinois.

So if they want a FIGHT, the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition is ready to give them one!

With your generosity, I’ll make sure every pro-gun Wisconsin citizen knows exactly where their candidates for the State House and Senate stand.

In the next few weeks leading up to the November 2022 General Election, the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition is making sure every anti-gun politician and candidate in BOTH parties is EXPOSED for their unconstitutional treachery.

In fact, with your help, I’m prepared to blanket our state using email, mail, newspaper and Internet ads, and even hard-hitting radio and TV ads to EXPOSE the gun-grabbers’ records if I can pay for them.


With your help, we’ll leave no room for doubt about where each candidate stands on protecting your Second Amendment rights.

The truth is, without Second Amendment supporters, there would be no pro-gun majorities in Madison today. 

And if Second Amendment supporters don’t act in 2022, there won’t be any pro-gun majorities in 2023 either

Time is running out before the November 2022 elections, so every Second Amendment supporter across our state has a critical decision to make.

Are we going to stand up and FIGHT?

Or are we going to sit on our hands and watch the gun-grabbers celebrate — first, for the news cameras on election night, and then as they high-five after RAMMING gun control into law.

I’ve made my decision.

But the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition isn’t my organization.  It’s yours.

We don’t have out-of-state BILLIONAIRES dumping money into our programs. 

We depend on good folks like you — men and women who understand the Founders included our Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights for a reason, and that reason is a defense against a tyrannical government. 

So, if at all possible, would you, please agree to a generous contribution of $100, $75, $50, or even $25 if you can?

We have to act.  We have to FIGHT BACK.

If we don’t, I shudder to think what Wisconsin could look like in just a few short years.

Will you please agree to your most generous contribution of $100, $75, $50 or at least $25 IMMEDIATELY?

For Wisconsin,
Ben Dorr
Political Director
Wisconsin Firearms Coalition

P.S. George Soros and Michael Bloomberg are pouring MILLIONS of dollars into Wisconsin to seize control of our General Assembly, keep Tony Evers in the Governor’s mansion and clinch a GUN-CONTROL trifecta in Madison. 

This is an all-out EMERGENCY for Wisconsin’s Second Amendment supporters. 


So will you please agree to an emergency contribution of $100, $75, $50 or at least $25 to the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition to help us FIGHT BACK?