Vote PRO-GUN Today!

The polls are now open!

The Radical Left is doing everything it can to get their people out to the polls today. In fact, they’re probably already picking folks up now in Bloomberg-funded charter busses in Madison and Milwaukee and driving them to the polls.

Gun owners like you and me need to show up BIG today!

To even have a chance at saving Wisconsin and America, it’s going to take all of us, so please check out our email below to see what’s at stake, grab your friends and family, and head to the polls.

Most important, go VOTE PRO-GUN before the polls close at 8:00 PM!

– Ben

Dear Christy —                         

The assault against our gun rights over the last two years has been unlike anything that we’ve ever seen in this country.

For the first time in our history, we have an entire political party unified in their goal of disarming the American people once and for all — leaving us helpless to defend ourselves against criminals and tyrants.  

Of course, under Joe Biden and Tony Evers, the attacks against our country and state have spiraled well beyond our Second Amendment freedoms.  

We have a President who openly insinuates that gun owners like you and me, along with ‘MAGA Republicans,’ are enemies of the state who must be monitored like domestic terrorists. 

Parents are afraid to speak out against the perversion being taught to our children in government schools, knowing that Merrick Garland has the FBI tracking them.

Pro-life leaders across the country have had their homes blitzed by the DOJ in predawn raids, and arrested at gunpoint in front of their families, when a phone call would have brought them in.

Corporate dictators, at the urging of the Radical Left, have tried to cram a leftist agenda down our throats every time we go shopping, attacking us when we disagree with their filth.

But I’m only scratching the surface.

Inflation is at a 40-year high. Violent crime is surging to numbers we haven’t seen in decades. Home and gasoline prices are crushing our quality of life. The list goes on.

What we’ve seen over the last two years is what happens to a country that is attacked by its own government. But the reality is that what we’ve experience over the last two years is nothing compared to what would have happened if America was unarmed.

Next Tuesday, you and I will send a message here in Wisconsin and across the country.

Either we’ll remind the politicians in Madison and D.C. that there is a price to be paid for attacking our gun rights, or we’ll tell them that they can attack our freedoms and we won’t push back.

If we send the first message, the legislative attacks on our gun rights in D.C. will largely be stopped (not counting what sell out RINOs try to do.)

But if we send the latter message, the attacks against our gun rights and conservatives in general at the hands of Joe Biden and his handlers will make the last two years look like a picnic!

Biden and his allies in the Senate WILL destroy the filibuster, meaning they’ll be able to pass anything they want with a simple majority vote.

That means a permanent ban on the sale of AR-15s, a national ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ law, a registry of every gun owner in the country, mental health tests for gun owners…all of it. 

And if that happens, if our country is effectively disarmed, then our government will be free to unleash the kind of tyranny on us that they’ve wanted to do for the last two years, because there will be nothing holding them back

So on November 8, grab three friends and go vote PRO-GUN!

Your freedom depends on it.

Your children and grandchildren’s freedom depends on it.

And the future of your country’s freedom depends on it.

The polls close at 8:00pm. To find out where to vote, go here.

For Wisconsin,
Ben Dorr
Political Director
Wisconsin Firearms Coalition