Wisconsin Needs Stand-Your-Ground Law!

You see it on the news almost every night.

Wisconsin and many cities in America are being rocked with violence, looting and arson at the hands of Antifa/BLM terrorists.

And it’s not just cities like Milwaukee and Bay View that are being affected.

Kenosha looks like a war zone, with the cops themselves under attack by leftist politicians, who want to see them de-funded. The city has been rocked with violence, with sections of downtown being totally destroyed over the past several weeks. 

Rioters have caused mayhem in cities all across the Midwest, as many of us have seen first hand. 

Traditionally, when a group of thugs use violence to accomplish their political agenda, they are labeled as ‘political terrorists’ and arrested.

But as we’ve seen for the last few months now, that’s not happening anymore.

And as violent thugs tear down our statues and destroy our history, anti-gun radicals like Antifa and BLM are still demanding passage of radical gun control.

America-hating leftist politicians at the local and state level — eager to please these violent thugs — are falling all over themselves in agreement.

We say absolutely hell no.

Law abiding Wisconsinites have had enough.

All that these riots, looting and violence have proven is how desperately Wisconsin needs Stand-Your-Ground law — so that law-abiding citizens don’t go to prison for the ‘crime’ of protecting themselves against violent attackers.

But politicians in Madison have refused to pass a strong Stand Your Ground bill for years!

It’s time to put the pressure on them to pass this much-needed and life-saving legislation!

That’s why I hope you’ll take a moment to sign your petition, telling lawmakers to advance Stand-Your-Ground-Law

Under a strong Stand-Your-Ground law, innocent gun owners would:

1) Face no so-called ‘duty to retreat’ while under attack.

Under current Wisconsin law, you are required to try to get away from a criminal attacker before being able to legally use self-defense to protect yourself.

In a situation where your life is on the line, the LAST thing you want to be thinking about is whether or not you’ve retreated far enough to satisfy the urges of an anti-gun judge who wants to destroy you;

2) Receive criminal immunity from anti-gun prosecutors.

This legislation would protect you from anti-gun prosecutors who want to destroy your life just to send a political message. The McCloskey family, in St. Louis, MO is a great example of this malicious prosecution.

3) Receive civil immunity.

That means the money-grubbing family of some thug you had to defend yourself against can’t come after you in court and sue you for millions!

4) Be covered for the ‘threatened use of force.’

Right now, there are no legal protections for a gun owner who pulls his firearm in fear for his safety, but who does not have to pull the trigger because the criminal flees the scene.

This legislation would protect gun owners who threaten the use of force, so long as the threat of that force was justified under the circumstances.

Without each piece of this four-legged stool — none of which Wisconsinites currently enjoy — those who defend themselves are sitting ducks.

So every year — from Eau Claire to Green Bay, Milwaukee to Superior — law-abiding gun owners face the prospect of being prosecuted for simply defending themselves!

And with riots, looting and violence becoming the new norm, it’s time to redouble our efforts to pass this life-saving legislation.

So please click on this link and sign your petition demanding that your lawmaker FIGHTS to pass Stand-Your-Ground law in Wisconsin!

After you do, I hope you’ll consider making a generous donation to the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition. 

The elections are less than two months away, and there are several key districts that WIFC simply must fight in!

But we need your help to do it!

So if you can afford a major gift of $500 or even $1,000, to help us go on offense, now is the time! 

I know that’s a lot of money. And thanks to Governor Evers’ utter incompetence, our economy is in the gutter and we have massive unemployment across the state which means many Wisconsinites are struggling.

That’s why I hope you know that your gift of $100, $75, $50 or even just $25 will be equally appreciated, as it allows us to run our VERY important program!

Whatever you can afford, please just take action today.

For too long, gun owners have been under attack from America-hating leftists in Madison without pushing back at election time.

That’s why the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition was formed — to put a stop to that and battle back for our great Second Amendment!

Join us in this fight, by making the largest donation you can afford to make today!

For Wisconsin,

Ben Dorr
Political Director
Wisconsin Firearms Coalition

P. S. George Soros funded Antifa and Black Lives Matter thugs are rioting, looting and burning cities here in Wisconsin and across the country.

At the same time, our police are under attack by the media and leftist politicians!

That’s why we need a STRONG Stand-Your-Ground law, now, so that Wisconsinites can defend themselves from violent criminals! 

So please click on this link or on the image below and sign your petition demanding that your lawmaker FIGHTS to pass Stand-Your-Ground law in Wisconsin!