Wisconsin: Session Starts NOW!

The holidays are over, and for the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition, it’s time to get back to business!

The legislature convened TODAY for the 2023 session of the Wisconsin General Assembly, and that means our fight for our firearm freedoms gets back in full swing!

On deck?

The Second Amendment Preservation Act.

In a terrifying development for the RINOs, Democrats, and Madison’s Communist Left that want to outlaw the right to own, train with and use firearms, I’m so proud to announce that WIFC’s army of members is in peak political performance condition!

Since election day of last year, I’ve talked with so many WIFC members that I cannot keep count of them anymore.

Every one of you I talked with was ready, willing, and eager to roll up your sleeves and get to work demanding that the legislature get to THEIR work and pass pro-gun bills.

Fortunately for us AND thanks to WIFC members, the GOP now has a VETO-PROOF majority in the Senate and is just 3 votes short of a supermajority in the Assembly. 

That means if all the Republicans show up to vote and just 2 Democrats aren’t on the Assembly floor, the GOP could pass our pro-gun bills WITHOUT needing Tony Evers’ signature! 

Unfortunately, some RINOs in the caucus are already giving gun owners guff and are threatening to stand against our SAPA bill!

But the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition has never shied away from a political fight – we eagerly look forward to them.

The fact is, the political elite and the establishment Republicans in both chambers of the Wisconsin General Assembly need to get the hell out of the way when it comes to passing SAPA law.

Because this much we know for sure: Joe Biden and the Communist Left in Washington DC won’t let the fact that they no longer control the US House stop them from using the next mass shooting to bully Congress into passing a full-blown ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban or issue unconstitutional “executive orders.”

We need the Second Amendment Preservation Act because it BLOCKS Congress, it BLOCKS federal gun-control enforcement by federal alphabet agencies, and it BLOCKS Joe Biden’s executive orders in Wisconsin.

That’s why I’m asking you to join us in this fight by signing the official “Pass SAPA in 2023” petition to your state legislators, demanding they immediately get to work passing SAPA law for Wisconsin!


Gun owners sent the politicians in Madison a mandate on election day – now it’s time for them to deliver for us.

So please sign your SAPA petition today, and get ready to FIGHT!