Universal Background Checks

In the last two hours, the news broke across the state that the Assembly may try to sneak a major gun control agenda item in Governor Walker’s school safety plan! I need you to drop what you’re doing and take immediate action! You see, all session we’ve been battling against Universal Background Checks, Michael Bloomberg’s signature legislative goal for Wisconsin. This radical agenda item, as it’s normally written, makes it

We were promised fireworks on the Senate floor yesterday, and that’s exactly what happened. Gun control was defeated on three separate amendments as gun grabbers tried desperately to ram their radical agenda into our laws! But the fight to stop gun grabbers isn’t over yet — more on that in a minute. It was a day we had been preparing for since last week. Our insiders had informed us that

BILLIONAIRE anti-gun activist Michael Bloomberg is already putting the finishing touches on the anti-gun agenda he’ll RAM into law as soon as his allies seize full control of Madison in 2018. In fact, dozens of left-wing organizations recently coalesced under the umbrella name “Wisconsin Coalition for Gun Safety,” and recently made STATEWIDE GUN REGISTRATION (a.k.a. “Universal Background Checks”) their top legislative priority! They know Wisconsin Second Amendment supporters have long

How many people have to die in Chicago before change is made? When will the gun control crowd realize their experiment has failed? Over 100 people were shot in Chicago over the July 4th holiday and now Wisconsin’s most notorious anti-gun politicians want to bring Chicago-style gun policies here! You can help stop them. More on that below! For years, the Michael Bloomberg’s of the world have told us that

Time is quickly running out for your legislators to co-sponsors Constitutional Carry before the April 4th deadline! We don’t want your Senator and Representative to be left in the dust on this important issue — as co-sponsors continue to pile up, it is time for them to take a stand FOR your gun rights! We need you to increase the pressure on them to be a co-sponsor — and we’ll