I can’t believe it’s happening — again. While reviewing all the current gun control bills that had been introduced in Wisconsin, two more have just been filed! The first bill, S.B. 346, would require gun owners to jump through even more bureaucratic hoops before they can carry their self-defense firearm. The second bill, S.B. 347, seeks to make gun owners obtain insurance before they carry their firearms for self-defense. Both

Can you believe what he said? As gun owners, we are used to Bloomberg and anti-gun groups blaming us for criminals running rampant in our big cities. But this has got to be a first! That’s right, just a few days ago Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn blamed Milwaukee’s gun violence on you and me, saying that his city is in chaos after Wisconsin passed ‘shall issue’ legislation a few

Yesterday, Constitutional Carry had its first public hearing in the Wisconsin legislature. I was proud to be able to offer testimony on behalf of the members and supporters of the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition — but I have to tell you, the anti-gun lobby was out in force! Senator Risser and Senator Taylor, notoriously anti-gun legislators, attacked gun owners and our Second Amendment rights as hard as they could. Not with

Did you hear the great news? For months gun owners have been anticipating the day when Constitutional Carry would finally get a hearing in Wisconsin. I am happy to announce that next week we finally get the hearing we have been asking for! On Wednesday, May 31st at 9:30 a.m., Senate Bill 169 will have a public hearing in Senate Hearing Room 411 South and we need you there! We

If you live in the Baraboo, Wisconsin area, I hope to get a chance to meet with you this weekend at the gun show! The Wisconsin Firearms Coalition will be coming to the Baraboo Gun Show April 28th (Friday) and April 29th (Saturday). The show is being held at the Sauk County Fairgrounds, which is located at 700 Washington Ave. Baraboo, Wisconsin. This is a great gun show in Wisconsin

If you live in the Madison, Wisconsin area, we have some exciting news! The Wisconsin Firearms Coalition will be coming to the Madison Gun Show April 14th (Friday) and April 15th (Saturday). The show is being held at the Madison Marriott Center, which is located at 1313 John Q Hammons Dr. Middleton, Wisconsin. This is the one of the largest gun shows in Wisconsin — put on by the Bob

As the pressure mounts in Madison over the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition’s Constitutional Carry bill, cosponsors are rolling in. But not every ‘pro-gun’ legislator is willing to fight for your gun rights. Some talk about being pro-gun on the campaign trail — but refuse to stand up for the Second Amendment once safely in office. One such legislator is State Senator Luther Olsen, who has come out blasting Constitutional Carry, telling

If you live in the Eau Claire, Wisconsin area, we have some exciting news! The Wisconsin Firearms Coalition will be coming to the Eau Claire Gun Show March 10th (Friday) and March 11th (Saturday). The show is being held at the Menards Expo Center, which is located at 5150 Old Mill Center, Eau Claire, Wisconsin. This is one of the largest gun shows in Northwestern Wisconsin — put on by

The tide has shifted politically in our country and in Wisconsin! On November 8th, Donald Trump became President of the United States and pro-gun voters such as yourself, took the elections by storm. Hillary Clinton and other gun grabbing politicians bet the farm on a gun control agenda and lost. Even here in Wisconsin pro-gun legislators have a massive majority. In fact, they have one of the largest pro-gun majorities

Constitutional Carry is on the move nationwide, and another state has joined the ranks! We want to congratulate the State of New Hampshire which is about to become the 12th Constitutional Carry state! The New Hampshire Governor will be receiving the bill soon and has already said that he will sign it into law. Constitutional Carry is sweeping the nation. 11 states already had Constitutional Carry when the year began,